Saturday, March 17, 2012

Walk & Reiki - It's a good day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What a beautiful day out there today!!  My coach had me out early this morning walking - we made it all the way to West Side Confectionery!!  (Normally I wouldn't type "all the way", but at one point on the way back I was ready to hitch hike home!)  Actually the walk was great and so was the fresh air!

Bob and I are trying not to fall into the everyday is "Ground Hog Day" routine.... (you know the movie :) So planning a daily outing is our first topic of conversation ....after sleep. We are thankful for the great weather so we can get outside!

Tonight I have a Reiki session in hopes that we can get the blood flowing as it should through this body of mine!

Sens play on CBC tonight at 5:00 PM - GO SENS GO ...p.s. Dad, you won't have to watch the game on RDS... LOL!!

Please include all those who are impacted by cancer in your prayers who choose to remain silent

Love you all,

Shelley & Bob


  1. Hey Lowes family...Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am truly inspired by your strength, Shelley, as I enter my healing journey that is so meager in comparison to yours. I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers....stay strong, Shelley!

  2. Hi guys! what a beautiful day it was here too in PA! sure is nice to get out and about when its warm thats for sure. I have been outside since 12:00 and just got in from the man cave, was busy hooking up cables and stuff for the tv and listening to the raiders get hammerd by Moose Jaw 7-1.
    Misty and Brendan were home for the weekend and Misty said Dad your face is so brown, well i just had a shower and with the exception of my MUG im as white as a ghost! gonna have to work on that ha ha.
    Hope you have a good Reiki Shell! say hi to BBB and the rest of the family, hope you have a good night!

  3. But what did you buy at the West Side Confectionery?? Remember the mantra is EAT, pray, walk. Perhaps a confectionery item would have powered you home!!
    I am glad you had a good day! Thinking of you always,

  4. Hi Shelly and family: Just got caught up with all in your life. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day and we know that with your faith and determination you will conquer this horrible thing. Love to all from Sarasota FL.

  5. Hi- getting ready to try & read more than 4 pages in my book before going to sleep. Watched the sunset...more chatting up into the clouds...
    I also want to know if you bought anything at the store....
    Someday I would love to meet your kids...
    Luna says hello to Zoe & sends you a big lick.
    I do not care for Toronto.
    Florida is quite pleasant right now. I am on a mission to collect enough shells to fill a see through jar so kids at my neighbor's school can guess 'how many shells in the jar'!She is in charge of the book fair [because she is the only one offering to do it] & it is to have a Hawaiian theme. The teacher in me said I would love to collect lots & lots of shells. Love doing stuff like that...Hard job!
    Much love, Geri

  6. I am willing to let you in on a little known secret. If on occassion you find yourself wandering to WestSide, purchase and consume one very large bag containg equal parts Blue Whales and Red Hots. This mixture of delicious joy has an affect on the brain causing a chemical release which has a "round-em-up-and-kick-em-out" effect on anything bad in your system. True story...