Friday, March 23, 2012

Need to be cancer clean

Today we met with both surgeons (cancer and plastics). The verdict is in and I will be scheduled for an axillary node dissection and flap exploration/removal within the next 2 weeks....hopefully next week as I will need at least 4 weeks recovery before I can start chemo. All waivers/permissions were signed.

So why the dissection? There were two factors that played into this: 1) my "young" age and 2) the sentinel node had a 2.4 mm cancer mass on it.  In extracting more nodes, the doctors concluded the course of my treatment would be greatly influenced.  If there is no more cancer on the nodes, then I would not require radiation.  If there is cancer on the nodes then yes, radiation would follow chemo.  Either way, it is important that I am cancer clean for the next round of therapy. There will be considerable discomfort in my right arm as a result of this but it is nothing that physio and hard work can't helped.

As for the flaps, well, it sounds and looks like they will come off.  Although I am not looking forward to all of this, it is what is best for fighting the cancer as cancer has no boundaries.

This surgery in its entirety will take about 2 hours and I will need to stay overnight in the hospital because I am on blood thinners.  After that, well, it will be R & R and exercise to get in shape for chemo.

Keep praying and keep the faith!

Much love,
Shelley & Bob


  1. love and hugs and prayers all coming your way! One step backward but a whole bunch forward!!

  2. Shelley now that you know what if coming, you can only look forward and beat this awful thing heads on. One step at a time and it can only get better. My prayers and love is with you and your family. I know you will see this through with faith and determination.
    Aunt Anne

  3. I read your blog every day and my heart goes out to you for all the challenges you have been given. I know how hard it must be some days but keep up that wonderful spirit and humour that makes you so special. Nick & I will continue to send our prayers and warm, positive thoughts out to you.
    Elva & Nick Polano

  4. I read your blog often and have been praying for you and your family daily, Shelley. Will keep on praying and keeping the faith! Diane Diebel

  5. Shelley my thoughts and prayers are still with you. I think about you daily, and know that you will push through this. You are a strong and incredible woman! I miss your laugh....speaking of which....I looked for a "voice recording" of your laugh on here the other day and didn't see one! Tisk tisk! Maybe this is the nudge you needed to get one on here now! LMAO Lots of love, thoughts and prayers as you go forward!

    Oh and by the way, I am at 36 days smoke free! All thanks to you! YAY!!!

    God Bless

    Christin King