Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Appointments

Today's phone call from the surgeon's office booked us in for a meeting this Friday at 10:00 AM...we are hopefully that a plan will be disclose then.  In the meantime, we continue to pray for strength to deal with the "plan".  Since we haven't heard from the plastics surgeon, we assume that next week will be a joint surgery...but we never know as things haven't really turned out how we assumed they would so far in this journey.

The legs are starting to loosen up a bit making walking easier.  Bob gave me his "best" needle of Fragmin (blood hinner stuff) so far this morning - no bruise and no pain :) My legs are rather colourful as of late - he is really doing a great job! I don't think I would be able to this myself...ok, I know I wouldn't be able to do this myself!

Sleep was actually better last night than the previous week....I think I actually slept 5 hours straight!  So this too is coming along.  The morning/afternoon naps are still the best to keep me going.

Our friend Mike B asked  the other day on the phone about my mental state with all that has been going on....I told him I always had issues and after being married 22 years and hadn't really noticed a changed :)   All things serious, the power of prayer and support from family and friends has kept me and all of us on the positive thinking trail.  However, I am ready to say "uncle" to God and the medical pwers that be.....

Bob is in Melville tonight for a hockey game and I am relaxing with the kids - perhaps a movie as there is no school for them Thursday or at least Grey's Anatomy :)

Will update again on Friday!

Much love,  Shelley


  1. Hi guys! what a great team you and BBB make Shell you need the Fragmin and Bobby gives it to you in the leg with a needle no questions!! that is amazing you have a keeper there, i faint at the mere sight of a needle! Deb would have to put it in my hand, wait til I faint and line herself up to get the shot just right!
    I think that naps anytime of the day are awesome plus its good for the heart (reader digest)
    we continue to hope and pray for you to have strength in dealing with the "plan" as well as the days ahead...

  2. You're not tapping out yet, Girlfriend!! Put your hat on lock and hit the comeback trail!! OMG! I gotta get out more. Now I have turned into a teenage boy!!Next thing you know I will be drinking out of the milk carton, farting on people and sleeping past noon on weekends!!
    Let me try some more appropriate advice..."When you're down to nothing, the Lord is up to something". So, let the Lord and the Docs do what they can and you do what you can...Draw strength and courage from all those people who love you. Lean on us. Let us be strong for you. Feel surrounded by the healing power of our prayers.
    Thinking of you always,

  3. It was great to see you even for a quick moment look beautiful my friend given your journey thus far. One of the things Barb told me as I continue on my journey is that some days you might need to take it one hour at a time, 10 minutes at a time or one minute at a time. Also.......a mantra she taught me was to repeat " it won't always feel this way". There will be better days ahead have a wonderful family and many friends who are there for you. Love and blessings always.

  4. Hey Shelley,
    Was on a slight break this week with Madi in Calgary. Some play and some work. Home last night. Just got caught up on the "Situation." Now if you think there is anybody in trouble - it's that guy!
    Keep your chin up friend. This will all come together. As you said, there is a team working on this, discovering how best to proceed. It's tough to just let go and trust in others.
    Looking forward to hearing the results of your next meeting.
    Big Love,
    KJTM and Kooper

  5. Hey Shelley,
    Praying for you. Sending positive love, thoughts and hugs your way.