Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bob's Night Off

Hey fellow Blog Stalkers! :)

I love that title!! It makes me smile every time I think about it!  Bob is at the Pats game tonight so I am blogging :)  He has not been fired or benched....I have been so impressed with his blogging abilities and humour!  Who would have thought that he had this hidden talent? (Love ya BBB)

Well the past couple of days have been a little rocky around here as far as the medical front goes! Today was a much better day!  Although my legs feel rather heavy, I managed to go to the Dollar Store and Sobey's with mom and dad this morning.  It felt great to get outside however, I was exhausted when we returned home.  I had no problem sleeping this afternoon! Then Bob and I walked Zoe albeit only a half block or so before I went for a Reiki treatment.  Overall it was a good day!

Tomorrow we meet the oncologist at the Alan Blair Cancer Centre.  We are seeking advice on next steps and options if the flaps need to be removed.  What is important and foremost in our decision is to keep cancer treatment and recovery the main goal as we do not want to delay or compromise the treatment.

Eat, Pray, Walk ......& Blog continues to be our focus! Thank you, thank you for your continued words of encouragement via email and blog....keep the faith!

Much love,


  1. The staff at the cancer clinic is fantastic. Joanne and I have been dealing with them since early February when our dad was diagnosed. I expected to be rushed in and out, but our initial consult was three hours. They very patiently answer all of your questions. The staff in the chemotherapy area are extraordinarily compassionate. Your journey has been fraught with difficulties but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Diane Walker

  2. Shelley it seems like you have had many hurdles to contend with and am sure that there will be many more, but with your faith, strength and determination I know that you will see this through. Prayers and love have not ceased going your way. Lots of hugs and love to you and your family. Stay strong and positive. Love you.
    Aunt Anne

  3. Shelley we have been thinking of you and praying for you. I am so sorry that things have not been easy for you but things will get better!

    Ben and Starla

  4. Shelley,
    I know that you will probably have a sleepless night tonight. I know I did the night before I first went. In fact, I still do not sleep well before I go, even though I know things are good. I remember how I felt when I first went to the cancer clinic. This journey is not something that we had in our plans. However, I also know how wonderful everyone there is. They are very compassionate and caring and seem to have the time for answering all of your questions.
    Let me know who your oncologist is. I have only heard good things about all of them.
    You know that I am always thinking about you. I know how difficult your journey is but you will get through it. You have all that is required - faith, family and friends. With those things, you can face and overcome anything.
    I continue to pray for you but I know that God is there giving you strength and his love.

  5. Hey Shell and Blobber (figure that puts everything into one word)!
    I have been negligent in my stalking. And more challenges have occurred. So glad you got the leg cramping and shortness of breath checked out. Blood clots can be such a problem after any surgery. and those darn flaps. Does make you wonder if the clots are somehow related to lack of bloodflow higher up . . .
    Will wait to hear how your appointment went today. Good for you to keep the main goal in mind. All these complications can keep us sidetracked but you are focused.
    Positive Karma energy waves are floating your way - carried along with those warm weather fronts that you are experiencing.
    Big Big Love form Kelowna,
    Kathy, Jeff, Turner, Madison and Kooper (added the dog's energy to this blog as she is one totally zen-like, calming mammal)