Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day at the Hospital

The morning started out with an ultra sound to rule out blood clots. It didn't rule them out. Unfortunately Shell has blood clots in both legs. So the rest of the day was spent at the Pasqua Hospital. Blood thinner by injection was given,followed by a long wait. We met with Dr. Souf who referred us to an Internist/Hematologist. Since these clots were early stage these clots should dissipate with medication.
This is stronger than the aspirin she was prescribed. More blood tests are being done to find out why she is clotting. This is believed to be a reason why there has been difficulty with the flaps, as she has been on some type of blood thinner since surgery.
Shell will require a needle every morning for the next six months. I am just adding that to my LPN portfolio.

On a positive note, the weather has been outstanding, as spring has sprung early.

Take care
BBB & Shell


  1. Hi guys it sounds like Rich got his phone back so thats great, good thing there are still honest people out there. hope your clots clear up nice and quick Shell, i feel for you having to get a shot from Bobby every morning though especially if you are having a disagreement he might like it! Hoping and praying for you all. Take care and enjoy the spring

  2. Is swearing allowed on a blog site? I guess I better not start that though it was the first thing I thought of doing!! Yet one more hurdle - but you've got a great coach, excellent support staff and the home crowd cheering you on!!
    love and prayers,

  3. Shelley, we are thinking about you here at work. Not a day goes by that your name isn't mentioned! And YES, it's always in the good way! LOL

    I continue to keep you in my prayers and send you and your family positive thoughts each day! We are cheering for you! Lots of Love

    Christin King