Friday, March 16, 2012

Go Sens Go

I just wanted to say how tremendous the support has been from my employer the Ottawa Senators. Since Shell's diagnosis back in November they have been very thoughtful and compassionate. They have allowed me to be totally focused on helping Shell and the kids. I am so lucky to work for, and with such outstanding people.
If you do not have a favorite team or your team has had a disappointing season. Even if you make us your second favorite team. A few more fans can't hurt in our late season push to make the playoffs.




  1. Hi,
    Bob you will know by now that Kashtin, his dad, his brother and uncle are die-hard Leafs fans (although some/many years I'm not sure how they say that out loud....I guess there's enough of them to form a support group). Anyway, for me to be able to continue sleeping within the house and not be moved into the garage or out onto the front step I also have to say that I'm a Leafs fan....BUT you can count on me to be, a loud cheering on the inside, SENS fan....AND as we move into the post-season I can become more public with my newly picked favorite team as the Leafs won't make the play-offs again this year.

    Keep your fingers crossed that neither Brian nor Kashtin look at the comment section on the this would cause me some trouble on the home

    Thanks for showing the importance of who we pick as our employer.

    Leanne Fischer

  2. Well, Bob, as you know, I have always been a lousy hockey mom in that I could barely remember the boys' jersey numbers and I still can't accurately recognize an off side but I am one hell of a cheerleader!! I shall take on cheering the Sens and continue cheering on Shelley in what has become a hurdles race against cancer!!
    love and hugs (but not PDA) to you and the kids - the best support team in the world!!