Saturday, March 3, 2012


I forgot to mention our dog Zoe. When Shell came in the house she was going crazy with excitement. Zoe is the only dog I know that gyrates like a slinky. After about 5 minutes of this we were able to get her to settle down enough so Shell could pet her. Then after Shell went upstairs to bed. Zoe slept on the steps for the longest time waiting for Shell to come down.
Although Shell is home she is not up for visitors. She needs lots of rest and is susceptible to catching something as her immune system is weak. We will let you know when she feels up to it.

Big Bobby Blogger, Home care LPN, Bouncer


  1. Welcome Home Shelly.....recovery at home beats the hospital scene. What a impressive team you are well on the way to win this. Best Wishes for a awesome recovery. Love, Betty and Al R.

  2. Calgary SakundiakMarch 3, 2012 at 9:58 PM

    Zoe the watchdog and Big Bobby Blogger Bouncer will be sure to get you the peace and quiet you need Shell. No peeps with germs will get by that tag team. Glad to hear from the blogger you are home safe and the best place to be to continue on your recovery. Godspeed. Andy & Judy.

  3. Thrilled to hear that your family is one again. . . . But shuddering at the thought of the bouncer with a hockey stick in his hands again! . . . All the best, gregg

  4. First night at the Brier $300. Shelley being home priceless.You guys continue to amaze. Love Flo, Steve and Shelby

  5. Welcome home Shell! you will heal quicker in your own bed for sure! we are wondering if you have one of those bells you ring every time you need something? I'm sure everyone will love catering to your every need! (better enjoy it now)
    Bobby, the letters on the bottom of your business card would take up almost the whole card! BBB HC LPN B !
    hope you have a great day
    say hello to everyone and enjoy the brier!