Sunday, March 4, 2012

To Bea or Not to Bea

Shell may have overdone it on his first day home. She sat up for most of the evening and ended up sick and nauseous before going to bed. After that she was able to settle down and sleep for a couple of hours. We have a set of stairs up to our bedroom which she believes she tried to take to fast. So far, today has been a good day with a bit better appetite and not as much nausea.
Before the surgery we had discussed sleeping arrangements, as we were not sure we would be able to sleep together. Shell felt if I got a body pillow and put it between us it would help. It worked, but it feels like we have another person sleeping with us! I have given the pillow the name of Bea and told Shell that Bea, may get my full attention, one of these nights or mornings. We now make jokes and references about Bea the Body Pillow.
We are back to just our family as of noon today. Uncle Mort flew home to Calgary,as well Shell's mom and dad drove back to PA. Words cannot express how we feel with regards to the help and support provided by Joe and Ione, as well as Karen,Corinne and Trent. WE LOVE YOU.
I have also expanded my home care skills to now include,temperature and blood pressure readings.

Bea's secret admirer,
Big Bobby Blogger


  1. Hi Babe Shelley, Bob, Alycia, Mikayla, Rob, Zoe (and Bea!) , Just got this link from Babe Kathy. Thank you for sharing your story as Todd and I have been thinking of you every day, and remembering you in our prayers. Shelley, can't believe you overdid it on your first day home... (not!) You have always been the one to do everything for everyone else most often with a grin and your infectious laugh and that great glowing, translucent skin we all want to know the secret for! Big Bobby Blogger you definitely have a few more titles of nurse and blogger and probably much more to add to your resume. You and the kids have our love and support and we look forward to seeing you and following your journey. with love and friendship, Kerry and Todd

  2. Well you guys certainly have the love and support you need to get through this journey and it is so nice to read that you have your sense of humour now too!! "We have a million opportunities a day to laugh at ourselves and only a few to laugh at others. Only a fool would choose the lesser when the greater is so present." Whoa! That's pretty deep, huh?? I have my moments....
    Continue to heal and pray and be there for each other! We are all here cheering you on!

  3. OMG...Shell does have her work cut out for her when she returns to blogging! Sleep tight BBB, Shell and Bea : )

  4. The news just keeps getting better. What stamina Shell has, aided and abetted by such total support of family and friends. Marvelous.
    Ralph and Fay

  5. BBB.....great job on the blogs! You may have set the cornerstone for another career! Please let Shelley know she is in our thoughts every day and we know we'll see you all over a cool one this summer. Don't know if we want to meet 'Bea' though!!! Ric, Tracee & good old Cairo.

  6. This entry made me laugh. Dana too has a body pillow - named Armand Assante. Between her and I on our queen size bed is our dog and Armand Assante. I'm feeling somewhat left out on my small piece of the bed. Bob, perhaps if I diverted some of my attn to Armand Assante like you threaten to with Bea I could get back in the game. I'll let you know how that goes.
    We enjoy your updates BBB and who knew you had so many diverse talents. Wishing Shelley continued progress in her recovery.
    Mike Grob