Thursday, March 1, 2012

Encouraging news

Another good day. Shell is continuing to improve. Able to move a bit better though is still in pain.
We had some good news regarding the flap. Dr. Souf was able to find a mild pulse and was encouraged with color. He believes the clotting could eventually dissipate. She will be discharged when she feels up to it and become an out patient of Dr. Souf's. We expect her to be in for atleast a couple of more days or quite possibly till monday. We do not want to rush her if she is not up to it.
Shell was in great spirits after news and was even able to muster a partial laugh,as she is still to sore for full out cackle.
It will not be to long and she will be back on the blog. Although I am starting to enjoy doing it and the accolades that come with it. We will make sure she is totally healed before she starts up again.

Big Bobby Blogger


  1. Hi bobby and family
    I have tried to post comments on here but they don't seem to show up. O must be doing something wrong.
    Cheers Jim

  2. Bob, Shelley and Family,
    You are all in our thoughts and prayers. You are all so inspirational and we will continue to send healing wishes your way.
    We will dedicate our yearly Mothers Day Breast Cancer walk to Shelley this year!
    Much love,
    Lewis and Amy

  3. Yahoo! Great news everybody! Shel keep plugging away and you will be out of there n no time! But like bobby says make sure you r ready.
    P.S. earl wants to know what accolades means? Lol
    Love, hugs and prayers for all!
    Kl, earl, girls and Awolita (grandma) lowes

  4. Way to go Shelley. It is so wonderful to hear that things are starting to be on the mend. Prayers have never ceased and there is power in prayer. Blogger you are doing a wonderful job to keep us posted. It is so inspiring to be able to keep up with the progress. Love to all.
    Anne Mat (Aunt)

  5. Shelley, you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are doing amazing and I know you will be the victor.

    Big Blogger Bobby - you are doing great! Keep the updates coming. ;)

    Lots of prayers from Brandon,
    Heidi (Nissen) Fouillard

  6. Wonderful news. So happy to hear that things are turning around. Power of prayer and faith can move mountains! Shelley, I thought I would let you know that all of us at work are watching over your progress and following the blog very closely. Most everyone checks in at least once a day. Some of us can be classed in with the stalkers! LOL So though we may not all be commenting, we are all staying updated, praying and keeping you in our thoughts!

    Christin King