Monday, March 5, 2012

Doctor,Doctor.....Give Me the News.

Shell had two appointments today. Both were very encouraging. The first was with her GP regarding some questions about therapy,vitamins and medication. Shell will receive physio therapy after she heals from surgery. The second appointment was with Dr. Souf the plastic surgeon. He feels things are progressing and that there are positive signs of blood flow. He prescribed an antibiotic as the last drain will stay in for one more week.
Needless to say, these two appointments took a lot out of Shell. She was exhausted when we returned home. Though tired she was elated with the news and her spirits are good. We both were a bit on edge hoping that things were alright.
As well, Dr. Souf was joking that they may hire me, when I brought out all my recordings with regards to blood pressure and drainage. I'm wondering if they let you challenge the LPN course. Would be something to fall back on.
I would like to thank Jim and Rita for giving us a ride today. The appointment was downtown with parking challenges,so this allowed me to walk Shell in and out with no problems. Jim and Rita are my old billets and have remained very close to our family since I lived there.
Our next big hurdle is getting pathology report. We are hoping for best case scenario.
Shell has been making some suggestions about taking over the blog again. We will make sure she is up for it, because this is not easy. :)

Big Bobby Blogger


  1. Am elated to hear the good news. My prayers are that you will also receive good news from the pathology. Good job Shelley and keep it up. Bob you may be hired as an LPN as there are shortages, you know. Hugs and prayers to all the family.
    Anne Mat (Aunt)

  2. Shelley - so happy that all is going well. I have had you in my thoughts for the past week. Rest, take care and I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Sixteen thousand nine hundred & forty six hits that is amazing and just warms the heart!! you know with all the followers you guys have if you do write that book Shell it is sure to be a best seller!
    Big Bobby Blogger you are a natural to keep all the stats for Shells BP and drainage, you have had years of practise with all your hockey stats! ha ha i think you would be a good nurse!
    very happy you guys had a nice doctors apt. hope that tomorrow is every bit as good! take care

  4. I check your blog every day and am thrilled to hear you are doing so well Shelley.It is that awesome Loch blood you know. LOL don't rush it though. After all you have the best LPN around so let him
    do all the hard stuff. Does he hire out? :-)
    Your cousin HELEN

  5. Great job Shelley!!! Keep up the "good fight" really are so blessed to have such an awesome husband and loving family. And we are all rooting for your speedy recovery.....just waiting with knitting needles for the call!!

  6. Great to hear some positive feedback from the doctors! Shel - I think you might have to take the Blogger down if you want to be the Blog Boss again! Honestly though - and I'm sure I can speak for everyone - he has done an amazing job keeping everyone posted on daily news!

    One day at a time and we will continue to pray for a good report from pathology! I have a feeling you'll be ready for a Kolymanka in no time!

    Thinking of you always,
    The Wagar's

  7. Yahoo! All good news is great news!! Keep up the good work - all of you!!! And we will keep up with the prayers, best wishes...and of course, blog stalking.

  8. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound. There's just nothing like your own bed, is there? Sounds like you are doing incredibly well and are in good spirits. As Darren's always says, " it's all about attitude". You go girl!!

  9. Blog takeovers?? Naw . . . there's gotta be a way to do this thing together? I know it would mean cooperatoin and compromise and sharing and all that. But look at what you two have been through so far. . . you can do this! The two of you have even accepted Bea into your relationship : )
    so good to hear the news from the docs and sending all the positive karma for continued good news as we move forward!