Saturday, March 10, 2012

Surprise Call from Doctor

Today we received a surprise phone call from the surgeon Dr. Meiers.  She indicated that she had a partial pathology report to share with here is what we know:
  • clear margins on the right
  • no cancer on the left
  • 4 lymph nodes were removed - 3 nodes had isolated tumor cells but the overall designation was node-negative
  • Grade is 2
  • Stage is 3
  • Treatable and early stage
  • Receptor report is pending
  • Referral was made to medical and radiological oncologists
We meet with Dr on April 4th for the full report.  In the meantime, we continue to meet with Dr. Souf, the plastics surgeon.

Eat, Pray, Walk continues to be the norm around here...thanks for the advice re: leg tightness and milk/bananas :) Things seems to be working its way out!  Sleep is still premium and napping is the best!

Much love to all,

BBB & Shelley :)


  1. hi guys! from what we can get out of your post it all sounds good! so that is excellent to hear. we are all huddled around the tv watching the Brier tonight. Misty and Brendan are here for a visit he is here for his spring break. we had a BBQ tonight and also had my Mom over. there is hardly any snow left here after a nice sunny warm afternoon. so glad progress is in full swing! look forward to the next news take care all and will talk soon

  2. Just finished conference bball, beat O'Neill,and now at home enjoying a beer and watching the Brier and reading your update. What wonderful, positive news. We continue to think of all of you. You will be receiving a card in the mail next week. Keep walking!!

    Renee and Blake

  3. Just happened to tune into the blog and to my surprise there was news. From the way I can interpet it, it sounds good. Shelley you are a fighter and I know that you will beat this thing in the butt. My prayers and love is with you all. Good luck with upcoming appointments. God Bless
    Aunt Anne

  4. Hey, great news!!! We continue to root for you. Shelley, at the rate you are going onthat treadmill, I may be knocking on your door to run a leg on our relay team in the QCM! Go Shelley go. Kick some ass!!!


  5. That is very good news guys!! Keep up the positive thinking everyone. We are keeping you in our prayers. You are going to come out on top of this battle girl :)

    Melodie and Ken

  6. What a pleasant surprise - not only to have a posting to read but to read what sounds like good news! Prayers of thanks and continued recovery heading your way!!