Thursday, March 8, 2012

Late Breaking News

I/we have to apologize for not posting yesterday. It was a busy day that flew by, then it was to late to post.
We had our orientation at the cancer clinic. Very informative and reassuring in that it answers lots of questions you have and maybe haven't thought of. We now know how the process works and are just waiting on results from pathology as well as appointment with Dr. Meiers.
After orientation Shell was very hungry so we went out for lunch at Brown's Social House. Excellent food and atmosphere. I better say service as this is where Mik & Al are hostesses. This outing tired Shell out and she slept for most of afternoon. When she got up it was time for treadmill. Same duration (20 minutes)with increased speed. Next thing you know she'll be running.
Last night we got Shell a babysitter. Rob and I attended the Pats game and the girls had plans as well. Big thank you to Lisa Brown, our next door neighbour,who went above and beyond the call of duty. Lisa had supper brought over, then came over when Rob and I left for game. She proceeded to do laundry and clean floors as well as have a visit and take care of Shell's needs. Merci Beacoup Lisa.
Two of the biggest challenges for Shell and her recovery, have been shortness of breath and leg cramps.
If anyone has any exercises or ideas to help we would be appreciate you send it to our email. or blog so others can learn.
We anticipate the next few days to be ground hog day. Eat,Pray,Move. Our next appointment is Monday with Dr.Souf. We do not expect to post again until Monday, as posting until then will be redundant, for my creative juices have dried up.
Bea sends her love to all!
Big Bobby Blogger


  1. Well deserved blogging rest coming up for Big Bobby Blogger! Just please don't abandon us forever : ) And your neighbour Lisa is amazing! Glad she was able to come over while the rest of you gained a sense of normalcy. Very important for you all. Makes you better at being there for Shell. I amm not a LPN, expert blogger, hockey scout, techno whiz or anything in that line . . . I am also not a fintess trainger or physio or OT. They may be the best people to consult on the shortness of breath or cramping. The leg cramps may be helped with "sedentary" exercises that are done lying down! Shell just tenses and releases her leg muscles - one group of muschles at a time - starting with the toes, then ankles (push down and also up), calves, quads, hamstrings and finally gluts. Hold each "tension" for 5-10 secs at a time. Do this 3-4 times total. I'm thinking leg massagees may also be helpful ... did you want another designation Bob!!!
    Good to hear that a routine of eat, pray, move has begun. Means things are progressing!
    Big Love,

  2. Glad to hear everything is going so well. keep on keeping on and Bob don't get to attached to Bea. Love from Flo, Steve and Shelby

  3. Ummm, don't know if that is an acceptable plan. I can't go the whole weekend without an update!! I may go into blog withdrawl!! Personally I find the whole experience quite theraputic but since it really isn't about me, go ahead. Take a break. Eat, Pray, Move. I'll be fine but I will look forward to a full report next week. Shelley, whenever you are up for a "phone coffee" I am available!!