Friday, March 2, 2012

Power of Positive Thinking

Shell had a tough night. Not much sleep as she had some negative thoughts keep her mind racing. This was due to the night nurse being a "Chatty Cathy" mixed with a "Negative Nelly". I was there when she first rattled Shell. I discussed with Shell that she should take the opinion of the Doctor and not the nurse.
This long night led to Shell being very tired. When I arrived she had a bad headache with high blood pressure. Because of this they put her back to bed in order for her to sleep and try and get blood pressure to lower. It eventually lowered and she was able to resume sitting up and going for the odd walk.

When Dr. Souf arrived he helped put Shell at ease. Although her healing has been something that he has not seen before. He believes they will heal with time. He removed 2 drains,leaving 2 drains remaining. Has left it up to us when as to when they will discharge her. If she can have a good nights sleep we are thinking possibly tomorrow.

I just want to clarify that the night nurse was nice and very attentive but just didn't have the expertise to being making those statements.

We are on the right track and if anything it shows you the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.



  1. Well if Blogger Bob was picking the team I don't think Negative Nelly would have made the team. All due respect to our health care professionals they have a tough job and work hard, but sometimes need a 2 minute timeout. Keep your stick on the ice and be tough in the corners Shell. Coach Bob keep the bench warm. No one understands your own body like you do Shelley and the power of prayer and positive thinking surrounds you. May all the angels help you have a peaceful night and sleep as you need.
    Prayers and all our love Andy & Judy Sakundiak - Calgary

  2. Thanks for the update Bobby, Don't be in a hurry to get her home let her rest in hospital. Cheers Jim and Rita

  3. Thanks for the updates Bob. You have been doing an awesome job and we really appreciate knowing the lowdown. I look forward to hoisting a few around the fire and Shelley telling us how she kicked cancer's ass. Steve,Flo and Shelby

  4. Shelley - I thought you looked amazing and like yourself so very beautiful. You are strong girl and what a team you have with your family. You have all the positive people in your corner who know you the best. As for people like nurse Debbie Downer(as I like to call these people) 10 minute misconduct. Okay Bob I am probably mixing up my hockey terminology......but I am from Ituna what can I say. I hope you know what I mean. Thinking about you with positive and loving thoughts, always,Michele

  5. What the hell! That sounds more like checking from behind - kick her out of the game!! And keep on playing to win! You have all the momentum on your side!!

  6. Thoughts and prayers are with yay both Shelley and Bob