Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update on Shell's condition

Last night I was able to be in the room when they did the doppler readings and skin color test. The nurse was having trouble finding a strong beat and the blanch test was weak. Having returned this morning I was a bit concerned with same tests as there was really no improvement. When I was there with kids after church Shell had mentioned that Dr. Souf had been in to see her. After talking to the charge nurse she informed me that Dr. Souf is concerned with color and the lack of blood flow. We have to be prepeared for the possibility that the reconstruction didn't work and that he would have to remove the flaps. What the alternatives are and where we go from there, I am not sure but will meet with him tomorrow to find out.

Shell is very tired as they have been waking here up every hour to do tests. They have changed it to once every 6 hours since Dr Souf has been there. They did get her to sit up for 45 minutes but she had trouble focusing due to fatigue and the pain medication. She is resting right now as she was very tired after sitting up.

We continue to pray and hope that we get better news tomorrow.

Life does not seem fair at times but such is life. It is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
The journey has started and it will be a battle but nothing Shell can't conquor as I have never met someone so tough,determined and optomistic.



  1. Laturnas family from PA send wishes, thoughts and prayers to you Shelley, and to your wonderful fan club! Sunny skies shine to you from PRINCE ALBERT! Take Care...Laurie, Gord, Alanna and Craig

  2. Bob,
    Its a real roller coaster ride! as both our families already know so well after having experienced it with our moms and then Margo's cancer experience. Just remember, like then, that you need to just go with the flow, one day, (sometimes it was one hour)and one step at a time at a time...whatever it takes. Do not look too far ahead, only deal with what is in front of you at any given moment.

    Take care and as always give our love to Shelley and the kids and of course to You! Thanks so much for keeping us all updated.


  3. All fingers and toes crossed that the restructive part of the surgery takes and things improve rapidly. Thank you so much for the updates. Having gone through this by my own Mom's side not that long ago I understand the tidal wave of emotions, hope, despair, sorrow and yet through it all a measure of joy. Much love. Charline

  4. You are sure getting the hang of blogging Bob! we are hoping for good news tomorrow! its so good to have everyone around for support and also all the good wishes and prayers from your blog. it is important to be optemistic, you guys are doing so good. take care and will wait for the next updates.

  5. Thanks so much for all the updates. You guys are all doing Great!
    Tough things don't last, tough people!

    You are all in our thoughts and prayers always!
    Sending lots of positive vibes your way. Love ya!
    Carrie Ann and Ty

  6. Praying and sending love. We wish we were there, hugs and kisses. Jerri

  7. Hey guys - we sent up some extra prayers to the big guy upstairs today. Tomorrow WILL be a better day, with better news.

    We had volleyball at the College in Lloyd today and I am proud to say the three Wagar Women were sporting some pretty flashy pink hair bands and pink cancer bracelets on the court today in support of "Auntie Shelley!" I have also been informed that this will be standard court uniform until a clean bill of health has been delivered!

    Bob - you are doing an awesome job on the blog (Shel - you done good with him!)

    Lou said to tell you (with his two finger pecking, we'd be here til midnight, so obviously i have to do the typing - kind of like his texting skills, right Bob?) that you continue to be in our thoughts & prayers and he said will wait for the next update on the blog from "Dr Evil"!!!

    With love from the Wagar's

  8. I am praying for Shelley as I know she is a fighter!!! Send her my love, hugs, and prayers as well as to you and the kids.

  9. Good Evening Lowes family.....just to let you know my mom and I have been praying for Shelley everyday and have dedicated the Rosary for her recovery each day. Lots of love and hugs to Shelley and your family.

  10. Thanks so much for the updates, Bob. You are going to be a first class blogger when all this is done! We appreciate your efforts a lot!! Alycia, you are SO right about your mom's strength, determination - and don't think for a minute that she will accept any less from her family and friends! We are all here sending love and support for each one of you!! Stay strong and let us know whatever we can do to help!
    Pat, Landon, Kieran and Nana!

  11. Shelley and family,
    I have been keeping up to date on you with this blog. Your family is doing a great job with it. You have been in my thoughts every day for so long because I know what you have been going through. I keep praying for all of you as I know it is hard for everyone. I hope that tomorrow brings some better news, but remember to take it just one day at a time. Small hurdles are easier to overcome. Everything will be fine. You are in good hands - doctors, nurses, family and friends.
    Love and prayers,
    Colleen Kot

  12. Shell,Bob & Kids

    We are very sorry to hear about Shell's reconstruction struggle - it is all too familiar around our house. Bob, take notes when you meet with the doctors over the next few days - it will help you keep things straight in your own mind & it may help if you have to make "quick" alternative decisions in the next few days. Keep the faith friends.

    Karp & family

  13. Been thinking of you and your family every day. You have a strong support system within your home and that is the best thing Shelley could have or ever ask for. Stay strong everyone. Just another reminder that every day is a gift. Hugs to everyone.........
    Melodie,Ken,Austin and Jessica

  14. Keep pushing though Shell Dawg!!!!! The strength you and your family has is very amazing. We know you will get though this so keep pushing and staying strong. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, love you guys!!

    xoxo, Lexia

  15. Hello there to ALL the Lowes but especially you, my friend, Shelley. Just wanted you to know that all of us "Trauts" are praying and thinking of you all. Talk to you soon.

  16. Hey Lowsie, We hope you can feel us fighting for you, so stay strong as we know you will get through this. We are looking forward to hearing that "gentle little laugh" of yours very soon.
    In your corner,
    David and Leslie Ell

  17. I think of Shelley often....although we have never met! (my mom works with Shelley's mom) This crazy thing called cancer brought us in touch by e-mails the past few months. Stay strong and fight hard. You will win. All the best, Dana Lavoie

  18. Hello from the Lowes family in Brandon
    Thank you for keeping us posted. Shell, Bob and kids, please know that you are up front and center in our thoughts and best wishes. If the hospital doesn't know it now, they soon will know that they have one strong and determined lady backed up by a throng of strong supporters on their hands who keep their sticks on the ice!
    All the best,
    Ralph and Fay

  19. Hey "Work Sister"!
    This is my first day back at the office after holidays - my hypothesis re: golf skills diminishing in direct proportion to the number of hours spent at a desk was once again affirmed!
    I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know it sure is quiet around here without you! I sure hope I won't have to go very long without overhearing that great laugh when you are talking on the phone next door!!
    Get some rest and I lood forward to hearing how you are kicking some recovery butt! Travis.

  20. We are thinking of you everyday. Hugs and kisses from the Pedersen family.

  21. Thanks for the updates are doing a great job! It was good talking to you when we were driving thru Regina in the storm. Please know you are thot of often & know Shelley is a strong willed gal who can beat this thing!
    Lotsa hugs to all!
    Unc Glenn & Lucy

  22. Shelley,we have been thinking about you since Trevor Smith was in the gym two weeks ago and told us about your upcoming surgery. So glad to be able to communicate to you and the rest of the Lowes clan. Positive thoughts and prayers have been coming your way from Moose Jaw. Bob, I too am stuck in the 80's and have less abilities than you on the computer but appreciate the updates! You are a strong family and that will take you through the most difficult moments in this journey.

  23. Shell, just want to let you know I'm thinking of you,I will be following your progress and even praying if the big guy will listen to me :) get well soon. Bruce

    ps. hi to all the kids stay strong for your mom
    pss. bob your a lousey fisherman

  24. Shell,Bob, Al, Mick, and Rob,
    Cor has been filling me in with all the details . . . sounds like it had been a busy weekend. Sorry that I was unable to be there, Hotel Lowes was booked solid. Hopefully Shelley gains her strength and the next procedure goes more smoothly. We will both be in Regina next week and are looking forward to seeing everyone at home. Take care,


  25. Keep Calm and Carry On, or says the British. I'm Polish and Ukrainian so the best I got is dobre dobre, as in good, good- get good soon Lowsie!

  26. Shelley, Bob, Ali, Mick, and Rob,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all through this fight. I know your love and posiive attitudes will be a great support to Shelley over these next few days and weeks. Wishing Shelley a speedy recovery.

    Dean Benko