Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patient is close to patience

I have come to realize you have to have patience in order to be a patient or family of a patient with this disease. One day at a time can be reduced to one moment at a time. Baby steps. If that is what it takes then so be it.
Shell had a tough night as she was very uncomfortable due to reduction of pain medication. She is trying so hard to handle the pain as she knows this is her best chance to regain appetiete and get moving.
She sat in chair for half hour but when they tried to get her to move she became very nauseas so had to go back to bed.
Shell's sister Karen and her mom and dad showed up around lunch time so GG proceded to feed Shell, that was until Shell proclaimed her mom to be the popsicle nazi.
We had a visit by Dr. Souf just prior to lunch. We again discussed thye possibility of an alternative surgery if the right flap doesn't respond. We are going to give it another couple days to see if it reponds and also to get Shell up and moving in order to be better prepared for another surgery if needed.

I will blog again tonight for all you "blog stalkers" as Rob and I are going to take Zoe for a walk. She is out of sorts without her mom and has been neglected in the walking department.

Blog Star Bob


  1. Bob, you are doing a great job withe blogging efforts - I won't even correct spelling or grammar! We are so thankful to be kept up to date! Tell Shelldog, I am keeping an eye on the kids at school and sending her some Reiki - hope she feels it coming her way. Love and blessings.

  2. hmmm... "Blog Stalker"... I think that is me... yikes.

    Thanks again for the updates. There are so many of us that care so much, it really is wonderful to be able to read about her progress. I am thinking about her and the rest of you. I will keep praying for you all.

  3. Bob keep the blog going!! It makes us Sista's feel closer to Shell Dog! We are all thinking of Shell and you all every moment of the day. Sending prayers and love your way! Give Shell a hug from all of us!

    The Chamryk's
    and Sista's

  4. OK, just to change the subject for a minute, Bob, and not to discourage you from writing because we "Blog Stalkers" wanna know it all, but "Blog Star"? Don't you think that's a little premature? Where are you going to go from here? Landon suggests "Bloggy Bobbay" but I think I am going with "Blobby".
    With much love and more prayers,
    PS Banana chip muffins and puffed wheat cake are but a phone call away!!!

  5. Hi everyone missing you all so..... much I'll be back to Regina on Thursday. Thinking of you all every minute. I gave up texting it takes me an hour to send a little message so I'll just keep phoning and driving everyone crazy. Give Shell a big kiss and hug from me.

    Lots of Love,


  6. Hi guys! I had a whole nice message written and somehow managed to delete it all ha ha. your blog was anticipated BBB and as welcome as that 1st beer around the campfire!!
    Shell we dont blame you one bit for not liking that hospital food! anyone that has been in the hospital can certainly empathize with you. as long as you are getting fluids thats good for now! i will make you a deal though if BBB can get GG to break out the hot plate I will come and stir up the perogies just like you showed me how at the lake GG, I have been practicing the hoola hoop! ha ha
    as always we look forward to any and all the latest news
    hope tomorrow is an easier day.

  7. It is with caring hearts we follow the daily updates from Bob. Glad you had an expert train you on your blogging skllls. Good training job Shell, you turned Bob into the "Big Bobby Blogger". It's amazing how we can almost hear your voices in the blogs.

    We send many heartfelt prayers your way, as we follow you and your family on this emotional roller coaster journey that you are going to conquer. Time, prayer, and patience is a virtue. You are an amazing person Shelley, so much positive energy and a laugh that brings joy and smiles to all.

    We want to pass all our love and prays to you during this time when you need loving support the most. Stay strong, you have many Angels with you, as we ask for God's blessings.

    All our love, the Sakundiak's from Calgary (used to be neighbors in Regina) Andy, Judy, Alison, Avrey, Arianne.

  8. Hi Shelley, Blog Star Bob, Rob, Alycia & Mikayla,

    Sending HUGE hugs and love from Calgary for all of you. We know that if anyone is going to kick cancer's ass (sorry, Mom, I don't care that this blog is public), it's Shelley. One kick at a time.

    May all the love being sent your way from across the country and around the world lift you up during the difficult times. Thank you for letting us share in your journey via this blog. You are in our thoughts and prayers, always.

    Much love, Shaundra, Darby, Cadence and Sabine