Saturday, February 25, 2012

Posting to the Blog!

Our Auntie Ann Matkowski made mention to mom Loch that she was having trouble posting so we thought that there are likely others who do not know how to do this so here we go!
  1. You do not need to sign into the blog. 
  2. At the end of each posting (or title)there is the word comment
  3. Click on comment and a comment box will pop-up. 
  4. This is where you can post a comment and sign your name (if you want).
  5. Click on publish. 
  6. You will be asked to type two words that are distorted.  If you can't read them they can be read to you by clicking on the megaphone.  Just make sure that your speakers are turned on. Whatever words you hear, type them into the box. 
  7. Now click publish.
  8. That's it!  No need to create a gmail account or anything else!

PS:  For those of you who know better, you have figured out that Bob didn't actually post this but assisted in creating it.  (Sister in law Karen ha, ha!)


  1. you go girlfriend lots of prayers and love being sent to you and your family cant wait to see you love ya jen paq and the boys

  2. Some people will go to any lengths to avoid me. I used to drop in to see you at the Board Office and so you took a leave to work at the Dept of Ed. So I drop in to the Dept. and am told you are out for coffee. I come back a few days later and you are on a holiday. Do they have a camera showing who is approaching the front desk so you can make up excuses? Now I hear that you are in the hospital and I am not alloweed to visit.
    Damn it woman, I miss your infectious laugh and your weird sense of humor. I guess I will have to talk to the man upstairs. I can just hear Him saying "Jerry who?"
    You will be glad to hear that I would like to give my iPad2 to my grandaughter for her birthday. Of course this means that I will have to buy the iPad3 for myself ... oh the sacrifices we make.

  3. So glad to hear things are going in the right direction! Your family has been through so much in one short week and you should be very proud! We hope for continued good news for Shelly and great job on the blog Bob! Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Bob and Jill J