Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Day

used with permission
Family Day was a great day….perhaps the best one yet!  We came to realize or at least have a deeper appreciation through cancer that every day should be family day.  A two hour supper with lots of laughs followed by a good ol’ game of Kaiser! Rob and Bob were lucky with their cards but in the end when it came time to bid out Mikayla, Dustin and I prevailed! Alycia and Kashtin missed out on cards to tend to the “new” dog…Lol! Being told I play and act just like my mom is undoubtedly a complement ;)
Seriously though, the tension and anxiety of the approaching surgery date can silence our laughter in a heartbeat - Family Day or not. There are more “I love yous”, genuine respect and empathy for each other lately…yet the sudden eye contact and locked stares break my heart because I see the fear in everyone’s eyes. We will be strong for each other and we will lean on our friends and family for support. I know, we all know, this is temporary and doable because we just do. ..I truly wish it was Friday.