Saturday, February 18, 2012

How it all began...

It is a beautiful August summer day! Time for my annual physical....sigh!  My doctor reminds me that I will soon be 46 years old.  Perhaps it's time for a mammogram - my breasts are dense - I am young - I am healthy - there is no breast cancer history - no worries.  This picture will be tucked away until I am 50 years old so we have a baseline to compare too. 

The results of the the mammogram is a "highly nonmalignant" area - monitoring required.  Return in 3 - 6 months.  My doctor decides 3 months.

It is now November.  Again I have a mammogram.  This time it is accompanied by an ultrasound.  There is a slight burning sensation in my upper pectoral muscle.  Results will be returned to my doctor in a week or so. Two days later, I am sitting in the doctor's office listening to her explain that I have a "highly suggestive maligant carcinoma"...I remember hearing "lumpectomy - early stage - biopsy - no worries - young - curable"  Whoa!

It is now December. Bob and I are at the Pasqua Hospital waiting to see the doctor for the is a biopsy that is performed.  It is fairly uneventful.  Only three samples were taken because of bleeding.  The doctor explains that I may need an MRI depending on the results.  The results seem to take an eternity to come in.  Three weeks to be exact and with the help of a hospital client representative who helped to track the results for me.  It is New Year's Eve, I am in the doctor's office - BENIGN.  I should be happy but I am not.  There is a burning sensation that continues to get stronger. I ask for an MRI.  I need to know. My family needs to know with 100% certainty this is not cancer.

It is now January. I fell asleep during the MRI.  It is not scarey at all - perhaps a bit noisey....a repetitive sound put me to sleep :) The following day, I receive a call from the Pasqua Breast Assessment asking for me to come in.  Wow!  I have a flight to Flordia booked at 11:30 AM!  They promise to have me out of there by 10:00 AM.  A re-peat biopsy is performed. I am at the airport by 10:00 AM. After a beautiful week in Florida, I am home. The phone rings.  It is the doctor "yes, you have cancer" "referral to a surgeon" "waiting on MRI" "see you soon". Yikes!

It is now February. We meet wtih the surgeon. A lumpectomy is not an option. Diagnosis: Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. It is low grade. Early stage. The MRI showed other cancerous areas: Ductal Carcinoma Insitu.

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