Monday, February 27, 2012

tomorrow has come

It has been a late night,early morning and a long day since I last posted. Shell had a tough day. A better nights sleep but still tired,groggy with lots of pain. To top it all off they had to move her to another room which took 2.5 hours to prepare while she was placed in the hallway. That is our health care system. She had to go through that in order to get her own room. It is a long story that needs to be told over a couple of beers at the campfire. After moving into her new digs they had here up for awhile though she was real nauseas. She was unable to eat very much but is drinking lots of fluids.

At 4:30 pm Dr. Souf arrived and did some tests and assessed her. He is still concerned about the right flap. They are having trouble finding a pulse and he is not happy with the color. They have backed off on her pain medication and are trying to bring up her blood pressure which has been a bit low. They also want to get her to eat and become more active. Physio is to come tomorrow. He also said that if we want to bring anything from home then go ahead as they know the food may not appeal to her. She thought she might want a smoothie so Rob made her one with lots of love in it. When I told her mom (GG),she was ready to bring a cooler and a hot plate to the room. For those of you who know Shell's mom,she is the pusher of food. Great cook that has to make sure everyone is fed. She makes a "sick" lemon marange pie.

After Dr Souf was done he explained to me that we have to consider an alternative surgery if the flap doesn't respond. He talked about a surgery using a partial implant with a Latisimus Dorsi Flap that is taken from the muscle in the back. This is less evasive and not as long because he takes the blood vessel with the muscle so it isn't microscopic.

Tonight myself the girls and Shell's mom and dad went up. Alycia printed off some of the comments off of the blog and read them to her. It was very emotional for Alycia but Shell really enjoyed hearing it.
I know that people have been waiting for the news and we appreciate everyones concern,thoughts,prayers and positive vibes.

I am trying to update as quick as I can but have been spending lots of time at the hospital.
I am kind of giving the readers digest version but hope it gives everyone enough to know what is happening.
We all enjoy the comments so feel free to blog.

Big Bobby Blogger, I feel I have earned this title.


  1. Thanks for the update Big Bobby Blogger, the PA home-girls' phone/email/text tree has been buzzing all day concerned about Shelley's reconstruction complications. Since you are encouraging comments, please know that we are all rooting for you girl! So hang in there like the trooper that you are. BBB - you too! Love from Linda, Renee and Patty

  2. this is so great for us to see how your doing girlfriend keep up all your hard work cant wait to see you loveya jen paq and the boys

  3. Thanks for the update....thinking of all off you all the time.....

  4. Thank you for the regular updates. It is great to know how Shelley is doing. I know the Lord is holding her close and taking care of her everyneed as well as beloved family. The prayers continue.

  5. Big Bobby Blogger you more than deserve this title! You have been doing a fantastic job and we appreciate it so much. I have to admit that I have been checking in a few times today anxious for the updates. Get that food into Shelley and keep on going- one step at a time. We continue to think of and pray for you all.
    Margo, Peter, Emily and Rachel

  6. Thanks so much for the updates. I will keep sending my prayers your way... hugs...

  7. Thank you so much for keeping us all informed with this blog - such a great idea. I've just finished reading through all of the posts (despite the fact that I'm at work! My students are hard at work in the computer lab - either that or they all have me fooled! Perhaps I shouldn't have said that as maybe an administrator or two could be reading this too. LOL - I will make up a pseudo name!). I can tell that your network of family and friends are absolutely amazing. I've learned a few things too - pole dancing??!! Shelley, we are all sending our positive thoughts and prayers your way. I'm thinking they should name a beer after that dear man of yours - Quadruple B - Big Blogger Bob Beer! We are all looking forward to hearing that joyous laugh of yours again at the next social gathering and perhaps a swing or two around the pole.

  8. Keep building up that strength Shell and kick this thing in the ass - let' em know who's boss! Continued prayers for that flap to respond, We've got everything crossed (arms, legs, toes, eyes - quite a sight!) Bob - continue the awesome job, i found myself checking the blog numerous times yesterday, so if you saw the hits to the blog increasing dramatically yesterday - it was me! Feeling a bit like a "Blog Stalker!"

    Sending lots of love and an abundance of prayers to the Lowes / Loch families!

    The Wagar's

    1. Hi Tricia,
      I have to say that your blogging skills are exceptional. This is Shelley's sister Karen. When I look at the blog, I always look forward to your comments. When visiting Shelley this morning, she told me to tell you to get the Hocktaler (spell??) ready as she will be ready to get at er! Not sure when....but she will be ready.
      Thanks for your well wishes!

    2. Awwww gee thanks Karen, as Shell knows, I sit in front of a screen all day and work in technical & programming support, so i better be able to dazzle somebody a little bit!! :-)

      Your reply acutally made me cry :( (it is times like this when i wish i didn't live at the other end of province) You tell Shell that I CANNOT WAIT! As soon as she says the word, I will load up "Luiggi" in the Wagar Mobile and we will head south! Tell her it will be my turn to dry dishes with one elbow on the counter holding me up!! XXOO

      Please give your Mom and Dad a big hug from Lou and I too!

  9. I don't know Tricia but I like the idea as I too have become a Blog Stalker! I can imagine how emotional Alyssa was reading the comments as I have shed a tear or two myself over the sentiments expressed. You gotta love technology when it allows us to express our love, support and encouragement like this! And, that it allows us to be such an intimate part of your journey with cancer. Thank you for sharing it all with us.
    We are so used to Shelley being upbeat, confident and able to handle anything and make the best of it that it is difficult to comprehend this set back and struggle. I guess this means it is OUR turn to be strong for he....And count on us to be strong for each one of you!
    love, hugs, prayers,

  10. Thank you Bob for the update. I know I was on that computer many, many times checking for updates but understand that it is not possible at all times. Shell keep fighting and hope that you can start eating to build up your strenght. I am sure your mom will bring you some of your favorites. I keep praying and hoping that the reconstruction will kick in and that you are on the road to recovery. My prayers and love to all the Lowes family and LOch family.
    Aunt Anne

  11. You Go BIG Bobby! You most certainly have earned the title. Give Shell a wink for me.

  12. Shelley,

    I found myself lying away last night for over an hour thinking about you and your family; praying for you to have the strength that will lead you to a healthy recovery. Although we've only known eachother a short time, I already know the incredible strength and optimism you possess. You have taught me to hold onto that in the worst of times! I know you will hold on to it now too! I thought you would be happy to know that today marks Day 7 of me being a Non-Smoker! Thanks to you Shelley! I couldn't have done it without your words of wisdom, your encouragement and among other things (wink wink) your belief in my strength. I believe in you! You have been such an inspiration to me, I can't express my gratitude enough. Thank you. Get well soon. I will be keeping an eye on your progress. Much love!

    P.S. What color bikini were you thinking of wearing this summer? :)

    Christin King

  13. We've been following your blog and are thinking of you as you go through these trying times. I've tried to leave comments on the blog but it wouldn't work; however, my techie daughter is here and got me where I needed to go.

    We did want you to know that we are thinking about you all.

    Love and Prayers,

    Eunice & Bill

  14. Thank you so much Bob for updating us via the blog - you must be completely exhausted but we love you all so much and worry at the same time. Much Appreciated. Shelly is an amazing gift and she is as stubborn and determined as they come (next to you Bob of course) so I am proudly in your balcony cheering you all on and praying often for you all. Tell Shelley we will go for a bikini wax soon when she is feeling better. Love you guys! P.S. you deserve the title indeed!

  15. Shelly

    Like everyone else I have been thinking of you and your family constantly. Our prayers go out to you. I love reading all the blogs from your friends with all the personal stories. It reminds me of the times I have heard those stories coming from you as well as that huge belly-laugh that always comes out at the end of your story. I am so looking forward to more of those! Stay strong, eat and drink lots and speedy recovery wishes!

  16. Shelly and family,
    We are thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery for Shelly!
    Starla & Ben

  17. Thanks for the update Bob & family. Shelley has a great team surrounding her and prayers coming from all angles in addition to her strength and sense of humor. As Aly said, can't wait to hear that laugh!

    Penny Wolbaum

  18. I wish so much that i was there with you guys! I keep telling mom to tell auntie and all of you that i love you all very much and i wish i could come down there to see you all. Its lonely down here in P.A.. you took all the family members and most importantly THE FOOD! But i know that you all need them more then i do. Melissa mom and I will be coming to Regina in March and i am really looking forward to it. Tons of love thoughts and prayers are headed your way..

    Love Katie, lacey and Socks

    P.S Uncle bob i am really impressed with your writing skills on here.. who knew!