Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's not good-bye but see you later!

Today was a tough day at work.  Finishing up work, passing on "to dos" , cleaning up, making sure things are done the best they can....I took the easy way out and wrote a "delayed email" to all my staff and new found friends at the Ministry then ducked out early. Nope! I could not say good-bye....I could barely think about the end of the day without tearing up! A deep breathe or 5 and I silently dropped off a few cards, grabbed my things and bolted out the door.  A little cry in the van and I am good to go once again. 

Life is funny!  I started working with the Ministry a few 5 months ago... What an awesome crew! We have a few great laughs every day, respect each other and get a "shwack of work done! (I know you are reading this good while I'm gone ;D ) How great it is to get up every day and go to work looking forward to it!

Although it was hard to leave the comfort of my former job and I miss working with that crew because I love (most of) them dearly ;) you know when it is time to pull a Kenny know what I mean...the song "you gotta know when to fold them...."

To all my former and new friends....I will see you all when this is over - you can count on that!

Love to all! Shelley


  1. You are an amazing woman Shelley. For the years I have known you I have admired your tenacity and humour. You are in my prayers and intentions daily. At yoga practice we are asked to set an intention - tonight I asked the group to set an intention of abundant love for you and your family. I hope that when you need it most that love will resonate :) Stay strong when you can, lean on others when you need to. I have no doubt you will be back.
    Love and best wishes ~ Charline

  2. Love Ya Shelley and I am only a few doors away now and will always be here for you and your family. You are my hero.....<3


  3. Shelley we are all thinking of you here and sending you our most positive thoughts and deepest prayers. Pole dancing just isn't the same without ya! And if you could, please hurry back....Elsie really kinda sucks at it and needs a lesson or two! Love ya so much!


  4. Shelley, you are a truly courageous woman!! Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. We can keep up with your journey through the blog, thank you for setting it up. Take care to all!!