Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Round 1 AC - done!

Well, we made it through round 1!  The nursing staff were exceptional, empathetic and patient! Thank you for that!

My good friend and guardian angel, Michele B drove me to chemo today and waited with me while I settled in.  It took a longer as I had a bit of a melt down once I sat in the "chemo chair'.....it was like reality setting in...the "oh my I really have cancer" thing was overwhelming.  I looked around and saw all these sick people in loungers yet these people were smiling and happy....that may be me too in a few months/weeks. After a few tears it was time to settle in and get the chemo party started. Thanks Michele for holding my hand :)

The nurses were able to use my newly acquired port for today's cocktails.  This was good because the IV from yesterday was really sore and bruised. Bob arrived shortly after 3:00 in time to meet with the pharmacist.  We went through the various drugs and side effects, watch to watch for etc.  It was great to have him there because the Adavan was kicking in and all things were sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher "waawaawaa".  Thank goodness Bob was there for me taking notes and asking questions.

So far tonight I feel OK although there is a heaviness surrounding me - hard to explain as it is just a heavy sensation.  I have anti nausea drugs to take for the next three days too.  Hopefully that will do it for this round!

Bob's back is loosening up  - he can now touch his knees!  This is good news!

Kids are doing great - they are happy that I am home and not "sick".....I don't know what "sick" is anymore but they are pulling some extra chores around here so all is good!

Here's hoping tomorrow's side effects are minimal!  Love, Shelley


  1. Yeah! #1 chemo - complete! all the best and here's hoping for no side effects.
    Dana Lavoie

  2. Right on Shell, that is good news! Thought about you all day wondering how things were going. Glad BBB can touch his knees...have to start somewhere, right? lol
    Take care and we will talk soon!
    Love and hugs to all and keep fighting!

  3. Shel - I carried a heavy heart for you all day yesterday! I can only imagine what it was like sitting in that chair...
    I had to giggle though, when I read the part about the Adavan kicking in. I remember Julie commenting on the " little white bunnies that kept hopping around her room!" after her first dose of Adavan.

    Keep fighting the fight - one day at a time!
    Go Sens Go!