Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ottawa Bound

Go Sens Go!
2012 Playoffs
 Recovery is coming along slowly but surely these days so we decided to take the recovery show to Ottawa for playoffs thanks to the Sens management!  As Dr. Souf said, "you can recover at home or recover in Ottawa." So Bob and I will be boarding the early flight Monday to Ottawa and will take in Games 3 & 4...waahoo(attending a playoff game is on my bucket list)! GO SENS GO!!  I may have to purchase an armoured suit to sit beside Bob the way he jumps around during the game...(Rob is right beside him :) )

Upon our return we will be back in full medical appointment mode starting on Friday with the oncologist.  Blood work and scans of sorts will be done/booked in preparation for chemo. Perhaps we will get a tentative chemo start date.  The results of the Axillary Node Dissection and blood work re: clotting should be given to us too...please say an extra prayer or two that all of this goes well! 

Thanks again to all our friends and family for your prayers and words of support!

Lots of Love, Shelley & Bob


  1. Way to go Shelley!
    Hope and and Bob have a great time and am sure this will give you some different perspective when you get back to deal with all the appointments and treatments. I pray that all results will come in positive. Prayers and best wishes to all.
    Aunt Anne

  2. Good for you!! I continue to think of you daily and pray for your successful recovery. Can't begin to tell you how much I/We miss you in the office.
    Have a great time and enjoy every moment!


  3. So glad that you and Bob will have a change of scenery to boost your spirits. Enjoy your lil' getaway!! I know how nice it is to get out of my 'healing chair'!

  4. Hi guys! very nice of the Sens to invite you down for the games! hope the boys play extra hard for you! Enjoy your trip... we will say an extra one for you, take care.

  5. Yahoo! Life goes on so you might as well enjoy it! So many things are so much better when you can view them from the perspective of a holiday! I hope Bea isn't going along...
    Will be thinking of you lots and praying for all of you! Even the Sens! Could you make a sign or something so we can watch out for you??

  6. AWESOME!!! Enjoy! We will be cheering from home!
    P.S. - will still be maintaining the beads for good results from the Axillary Node Dissection....

  7. Enjoy the change of scenery and excitement as I am sure it is going to be great medicine for you!
    Miss you!

  8. Hope you enjoy your trip you so deserve to get away for a few days!! As for those boys playing hard all this gal from the office has to say is Go LEAFS GO!! hehe hope the sens win however just for you (this only time)!! Miss you!!

  9. slob you look like such a stud on national TV,and yes Shell you are a studette, get well and good luck :)