Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Prepping for next steps

Bob modeling  Headgear
Hey fellow bloggers!

I am please to report that I am starting to feel human again! Today I woke up with ankles - it has been a while since my ankle bones were last Bob so eloquently puts it " your calves became cows". LOL!

The "Eat, Pray, Walk" mantra continues to rule our lives in preparation for the next round of therapy. Last week, I ordered some "headgear" to have on hand for the side effects of chemo....still haven't decided on what colour (if any) my hair will be.  KJ suggested in her post that we should put up some pictures....perhaps I will have a survey on best colour and style...hmmm, something to think about!  In the interim, here is a picture of Bob modeling a sleeping cap :) Hahaha!  He can now add modeling to his ever growing list of qualifications!

This week we are hoping for the draining tube to be removed and for the new scars to heal without cause.  I think that once these two things are under control I will be able to sleep much better.  My right arm is numb from the surgery - it sort of feels like the sensation one has after coming from dental work only this sensation is down the back of the arm.  I have read that this can be permanent....oh well, there could be worse things!  We also have a few doctors appointments to go to and I think physio for the right arm is to be scheduled.

The weather is awesome here too! I hope this finds you all well and prepping for Easter weekend!

Much love, Shelley


  1. Bobby should stick to blogging, LPNing and hockey! Forget modeling! LOL!

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family. I think of you often and read your blog... Big BIG hugs... AND ...I agree with Penny.

    Deb Goodman :)

  3. Hey guys the sun is shining and the birds are singing hope the weather stays warm! So happy to hear you are feeling better Shell! Im sure getting those tubes out will help you sleep better and feel even better yet! When Deb was a teenager she got a cabbage patch doll for Chritmas one year his name was "Jimmy" and I have to tell you..... that picture of "Bobby" is the spitting image of him!!! just a bit bigger ha ha!!
    Whishing you all a happy easter and lots of progress to come.

  4. I wish you and your family all of God's blessings this Easter weekend. I pray that you have quick healing and get your strength back. You're an amazing woman doing an amazing job of keeping positive, kudos to you. Linda