Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today I was forced to give myself a nurse mate took the day off :) Bob went to Brandon to watch the Wheat Kings Game! This morning I broke out in a sweat just holding the needle....luckily, I had a doctor's appointment today and the doctor took me to the nurses' station for a lesson.  The nurse calmly guided my hands and talked me through it...she even invited me back for a repeat lesson to "build my confidence" :)  Thank goodness for compassionate and patient nurses!! Full props to Bob for taking on this job without hesitation....there is a reason why I am a teacher and not in the medical profession :)

In the meantime, I have been faithfully exercising my arm in hopes of restoring mobility and sensation as well as using the treadmill....all this to ready myself for chemo and healthy living! By the way, I have accomplished the 6 minute lap...if you recall, after the first surgery it was taking me 20 minutes to walk a lap on the treadmill! If this wind would die down it would be awesome to walk outside.

That is all I know on the medical front today - hope this finds everyone well! Love, Shelley


  1. You are a strong woman, Shelley! again! A friend just couldn't give herself needles and her husband was not too keen on the thought either! As they lived out of town, the home care nurse came to administer the needles. She even came to their cottage during the summer! New friendships were developed through her journey too.

    So glad that your healing is moving forward. I hear the therapists are awesome. More new relationships!

    Keep skipping along that healing highway.
    Love and prayers,

    1. Hey Rose! I was at Home Care/Treatment Centre this morning....they don't come to your home unless you are incapacitated....because there wasn't an order to "show me how to self administer a neddle" she wouldn't show me! Unbelievable! So I went to my GP and the nurse at the Nursing Station showed me - I have a "needle date" with her again tomorrow! There are some great patient people out there!! Hope this finds you well! xo

  2. Hi Shelley,

    I am so proud of you, and Bob, for embracing this task. Good for you! WG and I have been keeping up with your blog and we think of you often. Being to be able to follow you on your journey is so wonderful compared to "no news is good news". We admire your courage.

    Love and Prayers, E&B

  3. Hey, Shelley! So good to hear from you!! Despite the needle situation, your entries sound much more like your own self!! I can just feel you getting stronger!
    love, hugs and prayers,

  4. Hi Shelley, just wanted to say that I am thinking about you and checking your blog all the time. You are an inspiration - nice to see that you are channeling your great sense of humour and positive energy! Hope you have a great weekend.