Monday, April 9, 2012

Drain & Compress

Today's doctor's appointment resulted in the need to have these chest wounds drained/aspirated and compressed. This will happen tomorrow morning at the Pasqua Hospital.  Hopefully this is just a minor procedure to help speed up the healing process....apparently this is a common procedure following a mastectomy to help the body find and adjust to a new way of draining fluids in the lymphatic system.  Of course I am not thrilled with the idea of another needle poke... however, whatever it takes to heal.

Sleep has been good; the arm is slowing coming along although I still can't sit next to Bob while watching hockey as he continues to poke, bump and assist on almost every play; ...knitting is coming along too....still making dish clothes but I may have to make the quantum leap and start a siwash sweater for the girls.

For those of you on Easter vacation - I hope it relaxes and refreshes you!

Happy Monday! Shelley


  1. Hi Shell and Lowes Family! Happy Easter to you as well! Have been tardy in my blogging. Had a sick kid last week and took much of my energy to take care of an 18 year old child! Should have taken a picture of the IV bag attached to a hockey stick in his bedroom!! Hilarious! Our good friend and doctor came to hydrate Turner right at home so we didn't have to go to the hospital. Forever in debt to that wonderful man. Everyone is now healthy so I am re-focusing : )
    Although that is a wonderful picture of BBB with what looks like a nylon hose on his head - please don't add bank robber to his list of accomplishments - I'd love to see you in your wigs! Or just see your face! Take the pics, take the pics, (that's me chanting)!
    Hope your snow goes away. Sending positive energy your way to your body so it will find the proper new drainage path.
    Big Love,
    KJTM and Kooper

  2. So glad to hear that all these steps toward healing are falling into concerned about the knitting thing, though. Where the hell did that come from? And how can you journey through cancer one step at a time but you think knitting goes from dishcloths to siwashes??? And I am not sure that is even how you spell it!
    And about that picture of Bob...he could add movie star to his credits and get a role as one of the dwarfs!
    More love and prayers coming your way...and lots of missing you!