Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All is good!

It has been one week since chemo started and all seems good...so far :)  Actually sleep was one of the main activities of week one! The days typically went like this.... get up, get ready, have breakfast, read the paper, exercise, SLEEP, read/knit/watch TV, have lunch, walk/exercise, SLEEP, read/knit/watch TV, have supper, SLEEP, read/knit/watch TV, SLEEP...however, especially after the steroids and anti nausea meds were done (after day 3) there was a lot more sleeping/dozing/napping than any other activity :) In talking with other survivors, we need to be prepared for days when a 2 minute walk might be the best effort for the day with respect to exercise. Both of us have found that one cannot have too many pairs of yoga pants....BBB is loving the freedom!!

Today is Day 8! Waahoo - one down and 15 more chemo pokes to go! 

 We will do our best to stay true to "eat, pray, walk" throughout this journey!

Love to all, Bob & Shelley


  1. Hey you're a focused and so organized person! good to hear that the countdown and sleep are working!! Glad to hear that even after treatments, you are able to BLOG to all and of course, we continue to wish you well in all you tackle...As I would expect, you are a special lady, and your troupe is as well. Thoughts and prayers are with you, although not sure we are on tap with your schedule, but never a bad time for prayer. Keep it up, and thinking of you--PA 4!

  2. Hi Ho there girl! Just a quick "hi" and a "hug". You're never far from my thoughts chickie. Hang in there.