Friday, May 4, 2012

Baking Soda & Sea Salt...

These two ingredients have become my BFFs these past couple of days as my mouth, gums and throat have been swelling but not erupting into open sores.  So I am faithfully rinsing numberous times a day, reikiing and praying this will stay minimal.

Yesterday was a fast paced kind of day as I ventured out to work for coffee break and disrupted everyone's morning...I had a great time and laughed for almost an hour nonstop!  Thank you to the crew for taking time to visit!  Then it was off to lunch with my former RCS crew for another hour of laughing.  Today I am exhausted - happy but tired! :)

Love to all! Shelley


  1. Thanks so much for the visit Shelley. We all needed that.

  2. We completely enjoyed your visit and the belly to our ears!