Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hair today....

We love it.
We hate it.
We curse it.
We cry over it. (Remember those bad haircuts, colours & Toni perms?!!)
We spend a lot of time taking care of it.
We spend a lot of money on it.
But it doesn't define who we are.

It started to fall out and yes, I cried.  Nothing prepares you for that sink full of hair after it has been washed even though you know to expect it. It just sucks! That is all.  But as my sisters pointed out, its just hair and if that is the only side effect of chemo I have to endure right now then really its not that bad. I am thankful for Bob who just patiently hugged me, reassured me and was there (...and he cleaned the sink); for my kids who tell me I am beautiful no matter what; for Jenn who works her magic and for my friends who are survivors, who lost their hair and reassure me that all is good.

Life is good. Family and friends are truly blessings...with or without hair.

Love, Shelley xo


  1. It is also a huge sign that your chemo drugs are working!! For that I am thankful!!!!

    Put your arms around yourself........ there is a big hug from me to you! Love you Shel!


  2. Thinking of you shelly everyday.....luv ya girl your cuz ....

  3. hi guys! just back from the lake looking at your little blue trailer and remebering all the fun we had there and many stories exchanged. you really express yourself well Shell you could write a book! one thing i have noticed about hair is this.... it doesnt really want to grow on my head that well anymore, it does love to grow on my ear lobes! out of my nose (gross)eye brows! i will be looking in the mirror one day and all is normal, then the next day i have like a 4 inch long hair sticking out!! it is way over rated!! we are thinking and praying for you! and are happy things are coiming together slowly but surely! have a great weekend!

  4. Hey, Shelley Baby, your writing, your honesty, your strength and courage, your focus on what really matters - it all brings tears to my eyes, joy to my heart and tremendous pride and prayers of thanks that you are such an important part of my life. I am truly blessed to have you as a friend and to be able to share this fourney with you! Thank you.
    love, Pat.