Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We survived the long weekend at the lake and are happy to have ventured out and back home safely!  It was a welcomed break with family and lake friends for us all!  We love the northern air!

Framework completed Sunday

Laying boards on Monday

Bob, Rob, Dad, Rich, Pooner, and Eric...mom and Karen too....worked hard on the weekend framing the dance floor, I mean, deck!  There will be one heck of a party on that deck summer 2013 when all this chemo is out of the way!  I may start training now!  Lots of laughs were had by all! I felt fairly good for the most part although I feel as though I slept away most of Saturday and Sunday.

It's back to routine here in Regina - hopefully will get my plants and "small" garden in sometime this week.  Today will be a day of rest (i.e. more than usually) to recover from the weekend!  We are so happy to have made it up there! 

A couple of traveling tips from "breast" friends were:
  • Keep peppermints at all times as sucking on these can help with nausea (& they did)
  • Keep crackers close by too ; nothing like a good ol' soda cracker
  • Keep anti-nausea
  • Keep when your body tells you too....no matter who is over to visit
We are thankful for the safe travels of our family and friends to and from the holiday weekend destinations...  Not every family is so lucky...may God bless and console the Darchuk family from Prince Albert.  Please say an extra prayer for them.

Have a wonderful week....remember it's a short work week - WAAHOO!!!  (I still like to celebrate those....and Fridays)!

Love to all, Shelley


  1. Way to go! Wonderful that you had a great weekend getaway. Hang on to those "breast" friends and their shared wisdom.
    Have a great week!
    Always in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Hope you had a great and relaxing weekend! In my prayers everyday.

  3. You are amazing! I have 2 cases to add to your stock for that dance party!