Monday, May 14, 2012

Ready for Round 2

Past the blood tests today so I am ready for Round 2 of chemo Tuesday afternoon. Also found out I have Factor V Heterozygous.  What is this exactly? Good question!!  This is the reason for blood clots developing post surgery; it is a gene mutation.  The Mayo Clinic defines it as  "a common inherited genetic disorder that can increase your chance of developing abnormal blood clots (thrombophilia), usually in your veins." (Mayo Clinic, 2012). Basically it means I am more likely to develop blood clots than the average person. I have been referred to University of Saskatchewan for genetic counselling...but....there is a two year waiting list - lol!! Dr. Kakumanu's solace was that I would at least be in the database.

Today we also talked about  probability and statistics of reocurance......with the combined therapies (surgery, AC and Taxol chemotherapy and Tamoxifin) there is a less than 10% chance of breast cancer reoccurrence.  Even if there is a reoccurrence, it is not a death sentence.  Basically this is good news although I personally would like to see that percent a lot lower.  The doc actually smiled when I asked him what I have to do to lower the chance of reoccurrence....he said I am doing it.

As for weight gain/loss...well, I showed a gain of 0.3 kg.  Not bad considering I was wearing those prosthesis and I am sure they weigh about 5+ pounds!!  The nurse had a laugh when I told her that! She agreed that these things are heavier than winter boots!!

Well Bob's plane should be arriving shortly from to all! Shelley


  1. Good luck today Auntie Shelley! Love the Wilson chicks...

  2. Good luck! Thinking of you! Sherry S DB

  3. Praying that all will go well today with round two. Always thinking of you all.
    Hugs to all, Aunt A

  4. Shelley, your posts always make me smile!

  5. Shelley
    Wait List....I hate wait list! Stay strong and I'm praying for you everyday. Love Amy