Sunday, May 13, 2012

Getting Ready for Round 2

Happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful family, friends and "sistas"! And, Happy Birthday to Robbie - our baby is 16 today - wow! Where does the time go?

Things are going well here on the medical front actually - just in time for round 2! Physio and Lymphatic Massage have helped the fluid in my chest and stomach dissipate and the scar tissue build up is becoming more fluid and mobile. Both Jane Welsh and Sylvia Kruger are extremely knowledgeable in women's health and cancer.  We have opted to pay for these valuable services while waiting for the Cancer Clinic Lymphademia/Physio referral to go through - a 4 month minimum wait list due to cut backs.....
We are thankful for their expertise in this area!  We can't imagine the mess I would be in without this service.

Have you ever used the expression "my hair hurts" when you were sick or perhaps hung over? Well, I now know exactly how that feels!  Yup, my hair literally hurts! Although it is very short (unless I am wearing a wig) it still hurts - plain and simple.  Apparently that is normal when the hair is falling out as it is during treatment.

Bob comes home from Ottawa tomorrow evening.  He was there for team meetings in preparation for the upcoming NHL draft.  It was great for him to get to Ottawa although I have to admit I miss him!

Tomorrow is a busy day getting ready for chemo round #2 - blood work in the morning, oncologist appointment in the afternoon followed by lymphatic massage with Sylvia.  Here's hoping the blood count level is up and ready for round 2!

Love to all, Shelley

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