Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today is 11 of 12

WAAAAAHOOO!!  11 of 12 is today!  The light is getting brighter!

The deep soft tissue massage from Alyssa at the Cancer Clinic has left me sore today....perhaps more tender than sore.  I am looking forward to feeling the new normal...

Happy Tuesday! Shelley


  1. One more to go!! Yahoo!! I am sooo excited for you!!!

  2. I ditto Pat's response! One more and you're done!!
    Hope all is settling into a routine with everyone doing their fall "stuff." I know you will and probably have developed your own routine. Shelley, it was soooo great to see you in September. Your positive energy and enthusiasm for life continues . . . as it always has . . . since the day we met!
    Jeff and I participated in the Run for the Cure today and it was one that meant much more to us this year than any other. It was also a beautiful day for the run - warm and calm and right along the lake. Kooper walked with us and veered off into the water a couple of times for a quick swim to keep the heat away!
    Take care my friend.
    Big Love from Ktown