Sunday, September 9, 2012

QCM & Skate4Life...Oh! What a feeling!


And they're off...
Finished 2012
Today I experienced the excitement of the Queen City Marathon finish line - WOW! What a feeling to see all these people running to meet their personal goals.  It was a proud moment to see Alycia finish her first half marathon along with her friend Chelsea. Awesome!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting the Skate4Life team of Pierre St. Germaine and Ashley Gilbank.  This husband and wife team are rollerblading across Canada to raise awareness and end the stigma of suicide.  To see where they have skated and where they are going or make a donation to their cause  you can check out their Facebook site OR web site. What a commitment  - what a great cause!

Monday I have my weekly blood check followed by a medical review....I sure hope all is well as seasonal allergies have got the best of me this week and unfortunately I cannot take any over-the-counter meds at this time.  Last week's acupuncture around the sinus was outstanding and cleared things up for a bit.  I also tried peppermint essential oil on a toothpick - ok, now that is amazing too!  So hopefully between oil and needles my sinuses will settle down.  I only have 4 more weekly treatments....its been 5 months now.  One would think that all things "bad" would be zapped from my body with the amount of chemo I have received :)

Eat, pray & walk! Here's to a great week! Shelley xoxo

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  1. Hey, Shelley! I haven't phoned or bugged you because I suspected you were busy and/or not feeling well. Despite not chatting, please know that my thoughts and prayers continue! Feel the love and strength that surrounds you!
    love and hugs, P.