Sunday, September 23, 2012

A few things....


This past week I would like to thank a few people.....
  • First of my husband Bob - wow!  I am excited for his return today....he has been gone almost 10 days now....all the little (& big) things that he has done for me these past 6 months are incredible! xoxox
  • To Pam H....thanks for taking me to chemo this past Tuesday! I can't quite remember it all....lunch included as those drugs put me in a daze like no other!  Lol!!  And to all who offered to take me to chemo, thank you too! Its nice to have friends to call on.
  • Deb B...what a great visit this weekend!  Thanks!
  • Rita & Jim......the Saskatoon Berry pie was delicious! I could actually taste it!
  • The helpful staff at Elizabeth's Lingerie who help me literally jump into Spanx while laughing do you ladies wear these things?? Lol!!
After almost 5 months of waiting, I finally had a physio assessment at the Cancer Clinic.....waahoo! So what do I know.....
  • Physio sessions are covered by health care
  • I am Stage 1 Lymphedema (thanks Jane and Sylvia for keeping this under control while I waited to get into see Tracy)
  • For the next while, I will go twice a week to work on scar tissue and mobility in preparation of reconstruction and lymphedema management
  • Wow! Tracy, the physio therapist is very knowledgeable! Just imagine if I (and all other patients) could get into see her sooner....some of my current issues would be non-existent!  Yet I have been going to physio and massage to keep things manageable too!  If I didn't have access to private services who knows where I would be.....
  • Spanx can help the fluid build up in the torso area....this slight compression will help the fluid move and take pressure off the lower back
Only two more chemo sessions left!! I can hardly believe this chapter will soon be closed! 

Happy Sunday - Eat, Pray & Walk! Shelley xoxo


  1. OMG! I would have loved to have been there during the "spanx episode". It sounds like an episode of Seinfeldt!! Two more to go then restful healing and strenth building shall begin! Yahoo!
    Prayers and love,

  2. I haven't checked in with your blog for some time now, but I now feel up to date and wanted you to know that we continue to think about you and your family. The Spanx episode reminds of the time we were in Calgary at a shoe store and the Russian sales clerk was doing her best to get you into some boots! I'm sure she was glad to see our backsides as we left the store. Now, of course, your backside is all Spanxed into shape!