Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9 of 12 Complete

Hello to all!

Yesterday's chemo session was thankfully uneventful!  The most difficulty I have is the blood return into the syringe at the start and end of the session.  So it involves me waving my arms in the air, to the side, arm curls, laying down,standing up, coughing, sitting forward....we now call it the chemo dance!  Some of the older patients find it rather humorous so I have to add in the odd jig or two for them :)

Doc added an extra pill of anti nausea/steroid to the regime this week to accommodate the 1200 mg of Calcium and 200 mg of Magnesium that I now take with 1000 mg of Vitamin D and B.  Here is something that I did not know about vitamins that I will share with you.....the body can typically absorb only 600 mg of Calcium at a time along side half of the required Magnesium...therefore it is best to take half in the morning and half at night.  The body uses the calcium primary during the night to build bones, reduces bone and muscle cramping and it helps you sleep.

Here are a few interesting sites on vitamins that I found helpful:
Livestrong - How to take Calcium and Magnesium
Livestrong - When to take Vitamins at the Beginning or End of the Day?
Natural News - Learn the Best Time of Day to take Vitamins

Note: Because I am taking chemo and have 5 years of other estrogen blocking meds to take the 1200 - 200 mg calcium:magnesium ratio is not recommended as per the web sites. As always, please don't take my word on this as I am no medical expert but discuss this with your doctor. 

Well, three more chemo rounds left...the light is shining a bit brighter today although I am tired!  I usually don't sleep very well the first couple of nights after chemo.  So I researched vitamins....  Next medical review is scheduled for October 15th. This is when I will find out what the next steps are in this crazy journey.  I do know that the Oncology team will be meeting again to review my case, there is comfort in that!

Eat, pray & walk!  Shelley xoxo

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  1. Yahoo! You go, girlfriend! Lots of thoughts and prayers are with you!