Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Good, Bad & Ugly


This past week was a good one for the most part! Here's a recap:

The Good:
  • Finished round 9 of 12.....10 is on Tuesday
  • Took Bob to the airport....his scout season has begun (more on this later)
  • Mom and Dad came to visit for the weekend - perogies, cabbage rolls, pickles and relish....outstanding!!
  • Kids are all in school
  • Weather continues to be wonderful
  • My wig keeps my head warm on cool days
  • My sister-friend Donna is recovering well from surgery - yay!
The Bad:
  • My hand knuckles are really stiff....I wonder if they increased the chemo dosage or if this is an accumulative side effect
  • Allergies continue to keep me stuffed up
  • I seem to be "puffier"....another side effect???
The Ugly:
  • OK, those wind really?!? All the two-sided tape in the world can't keep a wig one!!  LOL!!!  I have to wear a hat on "lock"
  • is everywhere! No wonder I am stuffed up!!! I dusted on Thursday (before mom and dad came); Mom dusted on Friday and today Sunday, I could write my name on furniture!!
  • NHL one wins! .....however, if Bob's trip was cancelled again this week, I would have paid for the flight myself :D.....just joking....well, sort of.... All hormones aside, I am thrilled for him to be back at work and he is really excited to be back too.
Today at church a phrase really stuck with me...."we all have crosses to bear; for some, other's crosses grow into the tree of life."  Although I do not wish "crosses" in any one's life, it is through reading, seeing, experiencing how other people bear their cross, that I find strength in myself to keep fighting for what is important in life...these crosses become my tree of life....For that I am thankful!

Eat, pray, walk!  Shelley xoxox


  1. Hi Shell! i love your theme! i also love that movie too!we were at the lake this weekend and enjoyed a nice visit with Karen and Rich,you can sure tell fall is in the air leaves are turning color and cold at night. You are almost done those treatments you must be so happy they are almost over! keep up the great work and will talk soon

  2. Hey, Shelly! Today makes you a perfect 10 in just one more way!! Congratulations!
    lots of prayers and love coming your way!