Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Year in Review

2012.....What a crazy busy year!

January - Cancer confirmed
February - Bilateral Mastectomy & DIEP Reconstruction
March - Blood clots, flap removal & Axillary Node Dissection
April - Ottawa Playoff Games (waahoo!); Start chemotherapy
May - Lose hair; Alter-egos Jenny and J-Lo make public appearances
June - Finish 4 rounds of AC; Mikayla writes and performs a beautiful song for her music final
July - Fishing at Emma Lake; Great family visits; Rider games; Begin 12 weekly rounds of Taxol
August - Visit with family and friends; Bob returns to work
September - School start up...finding a new normal
October - Finish chemotherapy; start Tamoxifen; Lose eye brows and eye lashes
November- Welcome back eye brows and eye lashes and a tuff of hair
December - Hysterectomy;  Retire alter-egos Jenny & J-Lo; Celebrate Christmas in a Prince Albert; Recover, find a new normal...Life is good!

2013.....we are more than ready for a New Year!  Happy New Year to all!

Love, Bob, Shelley, Alycia, Mikayla, Robbie & Zoe

Christmas 2012

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