Sunday, December 16, 2012

Recovery Update

It's been two weeks since surgery.....and the 2nd week of recovery is much better than the first week.  I am a better patient with patience too ;-)  I am moving better, able to sit better and the "heat" I am experiencing as part of post-menopause, although warm, isn't making me run naked through the least not yet. My physio treatments are limited to my chest and back until my stomach has a chance to recover a bit more.  Unfortunately some the swelling in my arm is back but the physio gals assure me this is normal and will bounce back once they are able to pick up the pace.

My goals this week:
  • walk on the treadmill.... even with no incline and minimal speed I hope to feel better as it has been two poor dog is so confused and desperately misses her daily walks
  • get a hair cut :-D .....OK, not a "real" haircut" but a trim
  • get a manicure and nails are growing back and not splitting like they were during and immediately after chemo
  • celebrate life....and enjoy the simple pleasures of the holiday season with family and friends
Please keep my survivor blog friends and their families in your prayers as their journeys are beginning and mid-stream.....each document remarkable stories of courage and faith.
  • Donna, keep up the great work! You're almost done! xoxox - The Love Loop 
  • Glen, your journey has been incredible! Now it's recovery time! Waahoo! - It's a Mental Game
  • Chantal, you can do it!  - I'd rather b shopping
  • Aunt Louise and Auntie Ann...xoxoxo
  • all others who are about to embark on this incredible journey or other challenges...keep the faith!
  • And of course, the families and friends of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newton, Connecticut...this tragedy is unbelievable....incomprehensible. May this town find peace and strength again.
Special thanks to the Ministry of Education folks at was so great to see you all and have Christmas lunch!

Eat, pray, walk.....Shelley xoxo

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