Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Road to Recovery

Yesterday's surgery went as scheduled and planned for the most part.  Dr. Aspe Lacero performed a laproscopic total hysterectomy and Dr. Kyle Korman worked his magic with anesthetics.  Discharge took a little longer than planned due to the spinal and general anesthetic I received so I was quite frozen. However, once thawed, I passed the tests of standing, walking, voiding, etc. So with pain medication in hand we were sent home shortly after 11:00 PM. We were the last ones on the day surgery floor to leave.

Once home the kids all greeted me which was so nice....but then I had to tell them to get to bed being a school night and all! And I was so hungry too.....jello tasted like a piece of heaven after two days of liquids.  Although sleep came easy, I was up at 4:00 AM and 7:00 AM to take some pain meds. Today I mostly slept and I am sore of course.  It's nice to be home to recover.

The road to recovery is double-lane and paved this time around...for that I am thankful.

Lots of Love, Shelley xoxo

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  1. Shell, I was going to text Karen and ask her how you were but thought I would check out the blog first! so happy for you that you are on the double paved for the rest of the way! you can catch your breath now and relax, enjoy your family for Christmas and EXHALE!!
    If you are in PA for Christmas you can come and sit on my new skidoo, or look at it! we dont ride it we just look at it start it then go back in the house!! some times I put my helmet on and sit on it but thats about it!
    Merry Christmas!