Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Simple Joy

What  a week of recovery it has been!  I think I have gone through the whole gamut of emotions....
  • happy.... that this is over;
  • darn right angry..... that I feel so sore and tired (been there done that sort of thing),
  • grouchy....just because 
  • glad....to be home and not in a hospital
Again my nurse-maid and soul-mate, Bob, took wonderful care of me as he was back on needle duty for a few days while I found my bearings.  He also experienced the joy of helping with compressions sleeves and socks......wish I could have video taped that! Hahaha! And he was back on cleaning duties full-time cracking the whip with the kids! I am not sure if you watch Duck Dynasty or Not.....but here are a couple of pictures that Uncle Si would be proud of....I think! :-D  Karilyn and Earl just don't know what to think of this....it's been a long long year!
Bob's Maid Service Dec 2012
Bob wearing "Jenny"...
no further comment

As always, I try to look for the positives in this journey.  This week I had to dig really deep into the well of life's simple pleasures to acknowledge the following:
  • Eye brows....man oh man, how I missed you! The Cookie Monster has nothing on me this Christmas season as I am finding it difficult to pluck them
  • Eye Lashes....I missed you too! And they came back full and long!  I can use an eye lash curler for real!! 
  • Chin Hair....I was actually happy to see you too!  And had no problem pulling you out!!
  • Home...."there is no place like home" I love my home. I love my family.
  • Hair....Bob calls me Silver Fox....more on that in another post
May God bless and keep each of you safe and healthy this holiday season and always! Enjoy the simple joys of the holiday season! Shelley xoxox


  1. Glad to hear things went well. We think about you a lot. Hope your holidays are great, you deserve it. bob you've never looked lovelier.

    Steve, Flo and shelby

  2. God love ya, Shelley!
    Your battle continues to motivate me. What an amazing life you are living! Enjoy every bit of the Christmas season with your family...
    Glen Erickson

  3. Take care, Shelley - been getting updates from Mik - love the pics of Bob!

  4. Hey guys! Merry Christmas! Yes the Duck Dynasty awesome show if you cant laugh at those guys... Loved the Christmas special!! So glad you are enjoying your HOME and new found silver sprouts!! first thing I thought of when I saw BBB with Jenny was Waynes world... Rock on Garth!!ha ha!! hope we see you guys over Christmas!!