Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's a Long and Winding Road!

This road to recovery is still under construction.

This past week I have caught a bit of a throat and chest infection and it is knocking the stuffing out of me!  I am still walking and going about my business but it seems to take me twice as long to get things done. As the doctor put it body is still battling the effects of chemotherapy, lymphodemia, and now a chest cold all while trying to build healthy cells.  So I am on some antibiotics to help my system  out of this construction zone.

Physio is going well although I have swelled up again on down my right side.  I think this is because of this cold....yeah, I self-diagnosis.... there is a special pump consisting of a jacket with air pressure holes in the vest and down the arms that applies a consistent pressure to help move the lymphatic fluid pooling in the arms/torso that I will be trying out later this week.  Hopefully that will help promote some good healing.

With the holiday season over, kids back at school and Bob on the road, these days are getting a bit long!  I am looking forward to returning to work if and when the doctor clears me!

It's time to get those happy endorphins I will bundle up and head outside with Zoe for a morning walk! Hopefully the winds are down from yesterday!

Over all, I am doing well although it's crazy to think this whole process started a year ago (last January). It's been a long and winding road to recovery. Thank you for being with me on this journey.

~ Shelley xo


  1. Hi Shell, hope that chest cold leaves you soon, I had it and it seems to linger for a long time. The song the long and winding road is fitting for all you have been through in the last year plus! also its a very good classic song "Anyway you'll never know the many ways I've tried" (part of the song) ha ha my buddy and I went to Paul Mcartney in November! hope you have a good weekend and dont get snowed under! say ho to everyone.

  2. Shelley...I feel your pain/frustration! I have a sinus cold, not a full-blown, debilitating issue, but just nagging enough to compound the chemo/radiation effects. My blood count numbers are strong enough to "battle the bug", along with the basic healing that doesn't seem to be happening fast enough. These damn winter hassles!
    But, keeping the faith will make it all good!
    Be careful! Be well!
    Glen E.