Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Update

This month has been a bit frustrating at times.  Not only are the cold, cloudy days a bit nerving but my progress on the medical front (or lack there of) is slower than I would like it to be. Actually it isn't all doom and gloom as I really am progressing well... just really really slow.

There are more days of feeling well than not.  That is a good thing.  However, after 2 or 3 "good" days, I am exhausted! And that is without doing a whole lot of extra!  When I am tired, I swell.....yup, good ol' lymphedema rears its head ever so slightly and I sleep.  This past weekend, after grocery shopping, I had a crazy allergic reaction (at least I think that is what it was).....Initially I thought I was having a mega hot flash.  Then I started to dry heave....itch, break out in hives, vomit,....not a pretty picture by any means.  After taking a Reactine and within half hour, the itch and swelling subsided and all returned to normal.  Today at physio, I was more swollen than usual which was attributed to the "allergic reaction".  To top that off, I am still struggling with my impinging dominant shoulder....this has been a challenge since my last surgery.  Not sure if I over did it compensating for all the aches and pains or if I was dropped during surgery LOL! Thank goodness the physio therapists, Alysia and Tracey are fantastic at what they do!  My twice a week sessions are keeping everything at bay.

OK enough "whoa is me".....I am still doing really well!  Bob and I had a great visit with our good friends the Hamms, the Wells, the McCrimmons, the Munns, the Shannons......so good to laugh with great friends! Karen and Rich were down to see us too on the weekend.....aaahhhh! Loved it!

On the 21st Bobby turned 50! So we had a bit of celebrating to do.....very low key mind you but fun. He's been busy traveling North America and ventures off to Europe in February.
Happy 50th Bob!
A young Bob...
thanks Reid for the photo!

And today....it actually warmed up to -17! Waaahooo! Zoe and I were back outside on the snowy trail enjoying the great outdoors.    These past three days of -41 kept us inside.

Onward and upward! .... Slow and steady wins the race! ....Eat, pray,walk! ...  Life is good!

Shelley xo

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