Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wet Noodles & Fuzz Cuts

It's been a while since my last blog.....

Physio is still going strong at two sessions per week.  We are now in a position to start strength training to try to regain some of the muscle and strength I had.....I am currently operating with two arms that at times feel like wet noodles.  Cutting semi-thawed meats is a challenge at pound weights are as much as I can lift over just takes a little more time and effort.  I can do it though....with love and a lot of patience!  My scar tissue is beginning to move which is also good news.  This will get me in shape for reconstruction about a year's time.

I had my second "fuzz" cut since chemo ended in October.  Jenn actually used a comb on my hair this time!  Lol!  It's still very short and rather grey but is becoming more "salt & pepper" as the days go on. Six months is the recommended wait time for colour....should be interesting!
JAN 2013

As for return to work, I am really hoping that these next 3 weeks give me enough strength to return in March on a gradual basis.  If all goes well I will be back to full time in no time!  It's exciting to think that I can reclaim some of my former life!

My energy level is slowly rising....I can now "make" it through a movie without sleeping!  The kids are impressed! Walking feels like it should....a great work out without a nap.

I will have my first oncology follow up appointment on the 21st and really don't anticipate a whole lot.  The pathology report from the hysterectomy was normal. Tamoxifen and Crestor are keeping me warm at night. (Had a near naked run through the snowy streets the other night....good thing the high winds kept me inside!) So really at the end of the day I must focus on healthy living - eating and exercise, mindfulness and on matters near to my family and friends like each of you.

With love, Shelley


  1. Glad to hear things are going well. We think of you guys often and hope to see you at the lake this year.

    Flo, Steve and Shelby

  2. Hi guys! we are so happy to hear things are getting back tonormal for you! I cant make it through a movie without falling asleep ha ha.we are heading up to Rich and Sweeties for a snow mobile ride on the weekend. Hope you have a nice weekend!