Monday, October 29, 2012

Port no More!

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of having my port removed.  If you recall a port is used to administer chemo therapy.  My purple port was the absolute best thing ever....although I didn't feel that way when it was inserted!  It saved my arm from many chemo pokes (16 in total). So I took my beloved port it is :D  Needless to say I laid low this weekend with my old BFF "ice pack". 
Port-a-Cath removed
October 26 2012

Now that the weather has stabilized somewhat, the aches and pains have subdued.  I can once again open jars, etc with my right hand but fine motor stuff is something I still have to work on.  My nails are coming back nicely too - they are not chipping and splitting every time I touch something.  However, I lost all my eye lashes!! *&(&!!! Like really!!  Oh well, I am hopeful that these too will grow in longer and thicker than before!  So although I feel like I am getting better, I also feel that I look more like a cancer patient than ever before...ironic, isn't it?!

Today I will try yoga at the Bodi Tree as there is a special class for breast cancer survivors....I hope that I stretch well :)  Regina has lots to offer  - we are truly lucky to have such great resources.

Here's to an awesome week!  S xo

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  1. Sending all my love. Yoga would be great and relaxing.