Sunday, October 14, 2012

2 Weeks Post Chemo

It's hard to believe two weeks have past since my last chemo treatment! Wow!  I am not sure where or what I did during that time.  I do know I sure slept a lot!  I was back sleeping every afternoon for 1-2 hours and crashing after supper then going to was like I gave my body permission to be tired....the chemo adrenalin rush was no longer need - sleep was needed!

Physio is going really well and my lymphodema is still stage one but improving.  My range of motion is coming along nicely too.  They are busy working on "unsticking" the scar tissue from my ribs and back....sounds painful?!?  Just a bit but they tell me it will get better!

So tomorrow I meet with Dr. Kakamanu to find out what is in store for me and what the next plan is.

Happy Monday! Shelley xo

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  1. Hey guys! that does sound painful! ouch!! you can let yourself rest now Shell you have been fighting so hard for the last year!! it was nice in PA today raked leaves had a nice suppper and sat with Gordo and Deb outside to take in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh fall air. hope you have a good week! take care and say hi to everyone....