Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finding a New Normal

Well, it's been three weeks without chemo and ten days on Tamoxifen.... and I can honestly say I don't miss chemo one nano-bit! However, it has been interesting none-the-less.

The aches and stiffness resulting from our current weather change from cool to colder; rain to snow; sunny to cloudy is making me think that I am...  A) Losing my mind; B) Completely arthritic; C) Adapting to the new normal.  YOWZEER! What ever it is I hope it passes soon!  Actually, the wonderful physio ladies told me muscle stiffness and soreness is common after I may not be losing my mind after least not yet! My greatest anxiety is blood clots in my legs....however, the aches I feel are thankfully not the same as when I actually did have blood clots way back in March. Apparently the "new normal" is learning to live with sore muscles and to keep, not all is bad!

My hair continues to be baby-fine, grey with a hint of black.  Hahaha! I accidentally scratched off my eye brow.....totally forgot those were still hanging on by  a thread! LOL!! Thank goodness for makeup!! I am not brave enough yet to post a picture "au naturel" .....I have them for private viewing only :)

Time to get on the treadmill and loosen up these legs, arms, back, .....

Cheers! Shelley

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