Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh Happy Day!


When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.    - Unknown

Today was a great day!  Nothing could change that!  Bob took me to the hospital this morning at 9:30 before he headed out on the road to scout.  The girls were there shortly after 10:00 am just as I was heading in to Benedryl-induced coma :)  At exactly 11:31 am, it was over and I was walking....ok, almost running out of there! It was an awesome feeling....like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing that we survived 16 chemo sessions over the past 5 months! Wow! So we had a mini-lunch celebration at Earl's today....life is good! The chemo staff are incredible!So are the volunteers!

 Next blog update will be October 15, 2012 after my medical review.  I have a couple of weeks to recover and regroup before I find out what my next phase is....regardless, today is an "oh happy day!" 

Love to all, Shelley xoxo

P.S. Here are today's highlights.....

My Life & Inspiration
Alana pressed the button for the
LAST chemo session Oct 2, 2012
Atearful yet happy exit
Alycia & Mikayla cheering me on!


  1. You did it Shelley....YAH HOO. What a long haul you have been through, congrats on doing it with such strength and for sharing your story, you are a trooper. Now...rest, relax, enjoy and try not to go to any appt's!! When you are up to it, a celebration is in order.
    Patty T- Calgary

  2. Shelly, we are so happy for you! wow that has been a long journey for all of you! so glad that you are finished with the treatments!! as you mentioned the piano weight has been lifted off your shoulders, you can take a breath now. we will toast you tonight at Sweetie n Rich's house (survivor) take care and talk soon!