Sunday, November 4, 2012

4 Weeks Post Chemo

Wow!  Where did the month go?? I have been busy but I really haven't accomplished a whole heck of a lot!

Every week there are two physio appointments....that and daily walks with a nap and the daily exercises for mobility, hand therapy and lymphedema pretty much take care of the day.....The odd load of laundry, vacuum and dusting are mixed in there too.

This past week there was more frustration than anything.....I need to find some more patience.  Initially my thought was "survive chemo - the rest is easy".  However, after 4 weeks of no chemo, I still struggle with energy, no eyebrows and no eye lashes.  Yup! They all fell off!! And I lost a couple of toe nails to boot!! These are all side effects of chemo and mentally I was prepared for this DURING has been a bit of a blow to have this happen one month AFTER treatment. At physio, the gals there tell me this is normal and I 'm not losing my chemo aches and pains are very common. The good thing is that I didn't have to do much for Halloween this year....there was a strong resemblance to Uncle Fester this year.  Remember him from the Addams Family? HAHAHA!Yes, things could be worse but really.....after 4 weeks?? I am really trying to stay positive here!

I am also please to report that I havent' craved a steak or hot dog since chemo ended! LOL!! Chicken is in!

The Sunday Leader Post had some great articles on Breast Cancer Survivors called Battle Scars  It puts into words what I cannot. 

Also, I finally located Jeff's picture on Bob's phone.....thanks for thinking of me!! xoxo
Run for the Cure 2012 - Kelowna BC
Stay safe as the weather is trying to decide what to do!  Shelley

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  1. Shelley, I swear by the MAC eyelashes. Just keep in mind that it takes practice to get them on...and if you try to rush the process you might end up gluing your eye shut! The good thing is that the glue is water soluable!