Sunday, November 25, 2012

Panic Mode of Sorts

Well, here I sit blogging/procrastinating/ignoring the fact that I have 1 week to get ready for Christmas before surgery.....AAARRRGGHHH!! And I can't seem to get motivated!  On a subconscious level, I am hoping that this is a walk in the park and I will rush about with all the last minute shoppers on the 24th! .....if I had a $ for every "oh, it's laproscopic! You'll be up and running in days" I would hire someone to bake, decorate, etc. (Not really....just a bit of sarcasm.) However, my doctor told me to expect a 6-8 week recovery period because of recent surgeries and complications.  Anything sooner will be a bonus. .....panic mode really hasn't set in.....yet!  I am just thinking about it - hahahah!

I need to get exercising to  get those happy holiday endorphins flowing and to church for patience and more patience.

Eat, pray, walk! Shelley xo


  1. Do what I do. Wait until Walmart is open 24 hours. Then I go at 2 a.m., get my exercise there. LOL . . . Don't sweat Christmas. Make it small. The smaller it is the more enjoyable it has become to us. . . . You and my wife are portraits in courage. . . . All the best, gregg

  2. We will be thinking about you this next week. Wishes for a speedy recovery.
    I absolutely agree with not sweating Christmas. It is all the more reason to just celebrate it for what it truly is and not get wrapped up ( pardon the pun), in the commercialism of it.

  3. I have been following your blog all year and my heart goes out to you for all you have been through. It's just been unbelievable. I wish you all the best on this (and hopefully) your last surgery. No one should have to endure what you have. You are amazing. I always picture you sitting at the pool in Ft. Lauderdale and laughing and enjoying every minute. Hope you can look forward to more laughter in 2013. Love, Elva