Monday, November 12, 2012

One more surgery....then "home free"

One day at a time.....I am starting to get more surgery....

In order for me to continue hormone therapy to further reduce recurrence, I must be post menopausal.  The only way to guarantee post menopause is "one more surgery".....thank goodness it will be laprascopic. Although I was hoping this would occur in 1-2  year's time, it is recommended that this happen as soon as possible.  So I am to expect a call from the General Hospital in the near future to book for Dec/Jan. Yikes!  Just when I was hoping to start focusing on returning to work....This surgery is to allow for alternative hormone therapy due to my clotting issues.

Although the physio sessions have been really positive and scar tissue movement and arm swelling have really improved, my greatest frustration continues to be lack of energy!  For example, a good day consists of exercising, vacuuming/floors, laundry and supper with no napping OR exercising and grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping almost does me in for the day...this is crazy! I am soooo not used to this pace! After one or two of these days in a row, it's like I take a step backwards and struggle to complete one task in a day and I need to sleep...there is no gas left in the tank....not even fumes. Hahaha!  I can't believe I call a "good day" one that includes house work!! Times have most definitely changed! Similarly,  Patience is a virtue  - one that I continue to learn and pray for on a daily basis. On a positive note, the Reiki healings from my brother Trent have been awesome and energy levels are remarkably higher! I am now able to self-reiki on a "good" day and it feels GREAT!

Well, I hope to be "home free" after this next surgery.....well, almost home free.....reconstruction is still a ways away and I welcome that surgery with open arms!


Love to all, Shelley


  1. Hey Shell! you are a trooper thats for sure! i hope you are home free too! you need a break!! are you liking the winter, christmas season? i am going to plug the outside lights in this weekend. we have lotsa snow here. Take care and talk soon!

  2. Hey are an amazing lady! You have inspired a friend of mine who just found out she has breast cancer. Check her blog out you are a celebrity who has been mentioned...she also said one day she'd like to meet you...again, your amazing self has turned this ugly negative into something that can help others. God Bless you Shelley...we need more people like you in the world...keep strong - your friend, Bonnie Gorski